Search engine giant Google, and online education company Udacity, has launched IT courses in India to tap millions of software developers scrambling for jobs.

“The programme is for bridging the gap in creating world-class applications by the Indian developer community. Indian developers made only 2% of the top 1,000 apps on Google Play.,” said Google India managing director Rajan Anandan.

The program costs Rs. 9,800 per month and takes an average of 6 to 9 months, with Udacity refunding 50 percent of the tuition fee after the completion of course.

“Our aim is to democratize education for everyone to help the people to get their dream job. We are happy to launch the Android Nanodegree course in India in partnership with Tata Trusts and Google,” said Sebastian Thrun, Udacity founder and Chief Executive.

In addition to this, three companies have offered 1,000 free scholarships, out of which, Tata Trusts will offer 500 scholarships to the developers of Nano Degree programme.

In India, a large number of engineering and IT specialists have left the country to reach the top in the US corporate world.

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