Top 5 Chat Bot Platform Building Tools

Making of a robot might seem to be complicated, but to create a chat bot is a much easier task these days. Chat bots are a brilliant innovation of artificial intelligence that automatically communicates with internet users to answer their questions.

Even though chat bots are AI based, they are actually made to behave like human beings. They generally perform tasks like providing information, collecting feedback from customers, guide shoppers to find products, etc.

Well, many of you might have a typical question that how can you build a chatbot for your website or mobile app?

Here we have come across the 5 best Chat Bot platform building tools, which are easy to implement or use:


This is one of the top tools to create a simple conversational messenger bot. MEOKAY makes work easier for skilled and non-skilled developers as they can create and designs easily to make steps. It takes just minutes to build the whole conversational scenario and even build advanced dialogues for smooth conversation between the user and the chat bot

Key Features

•  Works seamlessly with messaging and comments
•  Has the capability to recognise variations in trigger words or phrases
•  On demand, these bots can push deals and offers to users
•  Can integrate with all major payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, bKash

2) ChatFuel

This is a platform that helps in creating bots for applications like Facebook and Telegram. Here conversational chats can be set, where the predefined answers are sent to the users. Till now, almost 360,000 chat bots have been created using Chatfuel with 17 million users around the world, which includes brands like British Airways, CNBC, Adidas, TechCrunch, MTV, Buzzfeed etc.

Key Features

• Quick replies are the most important feature of this platform tool, in a line chatfuel made bots can provide 1-10 replies and almost 20 symbols

• Share locations along with quick replies, which allows users to send locations to bots and save it as zip file, in any state, city, country, latitude, longitude, address, etc.

•This platform provides a phone call button, which if added to the admin panel will generate phone calls to the users’ number

• Has other features like chat room plug-in, go to block plug-in, audio plug-in, video plug-in

• Chat bots created from this platform can be used as even assistants, personal avatars, customer support, etc.

3) Botsify

This platform helps to create live support chat bots. The most important benefit of this Botsify is that it updates the chats in real-time. A simple drag or drop is enough to make the design of the template. With this tool developers one can create a Facebook chat bot without writing any codes.

Key Features

•  It is a Facebook chat bot platform
•  Easily integrate chat bots to the system
•  Simple to use interface which lets business owners build their own chat bot without any coding
•  Helps configure personalized responses, align messages, integrate with WordPress
•  Supports media contents like images, audio and video files

4) Pandorabots

Pandorabots is a web service for building and deploying chat bots. It is a free integrated development environment for building chatbots. Using this, you can create AI based chatbots for IOT interfaces, customer services, advertising, games, etc. Almost 225k+ developers use this tool and more than 285k+ chatbots are created till date.

Key Features

•  Consist of a tool called AiaaS, which helps in accessing bot hosting platform
•  To create chat bots, same contents can be used from the libraries
•  Program bots remember the relevant user information
•  Can process multilingual languages so that you can create bot for any languages
•  Deployable
•  Build natural language interfaces for connected things

5) ChatScript

This is known to be one of the best chatbot tools to create a chat app. ChatScript includes many advanced features and are intended to maintain natural conversations with the users. This natural Language tool or dialogue manager is considered to be the next generation chatbot engine

Key Features

•  Consist of a simple and easy rule layout combined with C-style general scripting
•  Built using the WordNet dictionary
•  Planner capabilities of this tool allows the bots to act in real-time
•  Capable to remember user interactions across conversational chats
•  Document mode within tool allows you to scan documents for written content
•  Can read structured JSON data from websites
•  Runs on Windows/Linux, Mac/iOS or Android platform servers, which can support more than a 1000 simultaneous users
•  This tool can involve multiple bots on the same server

A few years back, every company wanted a website and later on, it was changed onto mobile apps. But now, Mobile App Development Companies and other industries are getting into the AI & bot technology.

With the above platform tools, even more rapid progress is expected in the coming year. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to start building chat bot.

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