SWF iLinx is an IoT based app which is designed in such a way that a very large number of networked devices are integrated as a single coordinated system. The integrator does not need to know about the complexity because SWF iLinx handles it all.

Scope of project

SWF iLinx app: iOS


All the linked devices connected through LAN

Connection of devices is done across using the WiFi

Users can manage the sound system with the help of an iPhone device

Every device has a separate IP address

Media link has two IP address

Provides multi-room facility

Dedicated to audio only

Automatic discovery of rooms and sources in your system


4 Months




The deployment of IoT systems has made way to better sensors, computing capabilities and more of wireless networks making apps work more seamlessly across various sectors. With SWF iLinx, an IoT based app, you get all of the advantages of an IP based system without any complexity.

The third-party control device only needs have a single IP address and through this, one can control an unlimited number of SWF iLinx devices. Instead of IP addresses, the controller can address commands to friendly, human-readable names such as “TV” or “DVD Player” etc.

The SWF iLinX app turns your iPad into a connected wireless controller for your multi-room control systems and controls all aspects of the system from the convenience of a wireless device. By utilizing the innovative features of Apple’s iPad user interface, it brings control of a system to an exciting new level and provides control using a wireless device.

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