Amazon Alexa,  is virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon. Alexa skill for Pricentric One is an exclusive IoT tool that helps users to know real-time updates on country-wise drug prices.

It also provides detailed information on launch dates of products, reimbursement, tender, treatment cost, and more. Alexa skill for the pricentric is an all-in-one solution that enables users to know about every aspect of the products, their prices on different countries, relevance in the current market scenario, etc. Vijay Kumbhar is the mastermind of this leading information tool.


Voice search is now widely used by the users & Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant has great significance in this regard. Pricentric One is the most valued platform offering exact global pricing of pharmaceutics and market access intelligence.

Powerful insights of Pricentric One incorporates with supreme features of Amazon Alexa resulting in ‘Alexa skill for pricentric one’.

Alexa skill can help with the following information:

  • The pricing source of a country
  • Price of a specific product in a given country/market with its strength.
  • Launch dates of products.
  • Get to know the reimbursement status of products in the country.
  • Real-time updates on pharma news from the pricentric one portal.


The major challenge we faced during the development is managing dynamic slot values. Alexa Skill needs to register every product detail as slot values, but it is difficult when there are too many products in the system. It is also difficult to add slot values for new products each time. So, we redeployed skill on the Alexa store that time


Redbytes focuses on the utmost customer satisfaction and their active engagement. We ensure user-friendly apps with primary concern to your convenience and usability. Redbytes gain a place as it always attempts to boost up excellent error-free apps for its users.

What we did?

Pricentric one is a leading pharmaceutical platform offering credible figures on global pricing and the market altogether. The thought of creating Alexa skill for pricentric one amped up the whole tool features into a single product. We created a user-friendly website for our users providing the latest pharma news including the new product launches, pricing in different countries, treatment costs, etc.

Users can simply ask out their queries to Pricentric like talking to your friend and get authentic details on the price and reimbursements of products.


An errorless technical stack offers great services. Alexa skill has built upon a contributive technical framework.

The technologies used to develop are:

  • WebAPI – Django 1.11 LTS
  • Backend- AWS Lambda (Plane Python)
  • Database- MySQL
  • Publishing on skill store – Alexa Developer Console


The development stages were well-planned and monitored in every aspect. The development timeline was from May 2019 – Nov 2019. These six months, the development was completely focused on refinements on the micro and macro elements of the result – “Alexa skill for pricentric one”.

Scrum model was followed throughout the process.


We did Manual testing using Alexa voice assistant. For unit testing, we used the test lab of Alexa Dashboard. Additional testing on the skill was done by a manual tester speaking in different accents.

Investment in Person

A simple resourceless development was done by Mr. Vijay Kumbhar. Precentric one is a leading artificial intelligence tool that provides real-time updates on product pricings, pharma news items, etc. A BI team member for manual testing tested Alexa by speaking in different accents.

Our Achievement

Redbytes offers uncomplicated app solutions which are the result of a reliable customer base and their satisfaction. We are glad to know that Alexa skill for precentric is getting popular and widely used by the users.

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