Mobile Game Development: Your Next Big Ticket to Success

It was in the early 90’s that a video game managed to put its first step on a mobile device platform for the first time. Later that decade, Nokia’s Snake became the most successful mobile phone game in the planet. Still, the mobile game industry continues on its ride towards progressive development.

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A quick look into the essentials of a mobile game

Mobile video games range from simple puzzles to the more complex multi-player games or from 2D to 3D games. Games can simply be entertainment games or it can be of some value-oriented nature, like that in educational and advertorial games.

Features of a good mobile game includes easy control and navigation, better loading speeds, attractive GUI, new features, interesting story, ease of understanding, the rules involved and the most important thing – the ” fun factor” etc.

Why should you take up mobile game development as your career or start a mobile game development company yourself?

Times have changed, and so have our career preferences and opportunities. Traditional jobs are being lost one by one, in the influx of newer job categories created by the age of mechanization and technology. As the job market changes, we must imbibe the fact that the new world has made way for huge and exciting modifications in the job titles that we hold. Mobile game developing is a career choice that is being widely adopted by the youth, nowadays.

Wide Scope

Studies have shown that on an average, a mobile phone gamer spends at least 2 hours playing games on a daily basis. Just like any other entertainment, playing is a part of the human instincts — it is in our DNA. Game developers help fulfill these natural cravings by generating entertaining and fun-filled games for us. As the saying goes,” necessity is the mother of invention”; game creation will remain as an occupation always. Thus, for a mobile game development company everyone ranging from children to adults; men and women are their prospective customers.

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Bright Future

Another merit of being a mobile game developer is that if you are talented enough, you can cultivate higher hopes. There is always more room for improvement career-wise and it is not the same routine tasks that you would have to deal with all year. The developing of structured games is not really easy as the popular misconception- creating the rules, design, idea etc. that are gathered together to create that surreal experience is a really demanding task. Game developers at Minecraft and Candy Crush all started small. With more than 7 billion of mobile devices and counting in the world, the need for mobile games will keep on growing.

So far, formal games education is not quite common in most countries. The industry has grown so fast that it’s hard to keep up with the rising demands. There are a lot of overseas opportunities for a mobile game development company. Likewise, in many mobile game developer recruitments, even senior positions are filled by people from overseas in many countries.

Current scenario

By the end of the year 2015, EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research) reports that the global market for mobile gaming will be worth $25 billion. The industry is currently topped by US, Japan and China. 56 percent of the market is ruled by countries of the Asia Pacific with around 50 percent of the mobile gamers being concentrated there. This means that the growth potential for the industry will be really huge in the coming years.

Investing in mobile game development is a wise choice as it can bring in decent rewards. With new mobile markets to conquer, the future looks bright for your mobile game development company.

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