9 Tips for Successful Casual Mobile Game Development

Mobile game development has turned out to be a lucrative revenue source for many years now. A great amount of planning and a stroke of luck could bring success to your doorsteps. Casual game is something that many young developers and small scale mobile game development companies find profitable to invest. Find out what gets you to success in casual mobile game development from this article.

What is a casual game?

Casual games are those games, which can be played without advanced gaming knowledge, skills or commitment towards gaming. It has got a wide audience range including women, children, and even elders, since the effort that needs to be put into learning to play them is much smaller than hardcore games. One of the most successful casual games recently had been the most celebrated, Angry Birds.

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What makes a casual game different from other hardcore games?

Talking about casual games, the first thing that draws attention is its simple rules and mechanics. Literally, anybody can play them. There is also the fact that on an average, only a lesser amount of time is being spent playing them. Casual games require inferior skill sets to master the game, as compared to hardcore games which can be mastered only by elite gamers.

Casual games can be played in short bursts and in small intervals. In the producer’s point of view, they typically involve lower production and distribution costs.

Here are some tips for successful casual mobile game development.

1. Offer simple plot: Casual games are known for its simplicity. Twisted plots will tamper with the overall unsophisticated nature of casual games. Complicated story lines are more characteristic of hardcore games.

2. Offer simple game play: The controls incorporated in casual games should also be simple. Use one touch/ single keystroke controls to execute actions such as throw, jump, shoot etc. Usually simple to understand, interesting, and easy to play games can attract a majority of targeted audience.

3. Applaud all victories: Casual games should not fail to applaud even the small victories. Since the plot and game play of casual games are simple, there will not be much chance to honour greater achievements. Players usually get bored of a game, if there is not enough encouragement or successive accomplishment that will keep them interested. The developers should carefully plan the plot to include all possible challenges that can give recognition for triumph.

4. Constant entertainment: Games should always showcase the fun element. Including the right amount of music, instructions, praise, shouts, etc. at the right place is very important to every game’s success.

5. Include a lot of levels: An easy way to make a simple game challenging is by increasing the number of levels included. Having a lot of levels to conquer and victories to celebrate, can build the player’s interest in the game.

6. Don’t forget to consider the hardcore gamers too: Developing casual games shouldn’t give you the idea that you should totally neglect the hardcore gamers. Casual games, by definition itself accounts to those games that are pleasing to all audience groups, irrespective of their talent level and personal interest. Therefore casual games should include greater challenges, focusing serious players.

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7. The game physics should be fun: Casual games should incorporate attractive and fun physics into the game. Since these games lack any serious or sometimes even meaningful plot, they shouldn’t abandon promising features that will raise the player’s interest level.

8. Cuteness attract: Just like cute bunnies please the most of us, cute game characters also have the power to build an emotional attachment with the players. People can easily sympathize with their motives and will wish if they were actually real.

9. Patience, the right strategy: Like in every other field, patience is something that you might need to practice a lot in order to savour victory. All successful ventures have a history to tell of failures and waiting calmly and patiently, before getting there.

These 9 tips can be golden advices while you travel your path to success in casual mobile game development.

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