8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

The online market is one place that businesses couldn’t ignore anymore. There are a lot of mobile app development companies in India currently. But before finalizing one, be sure to ask them several questions like the ones given below, so that you could make the right choice. A Good mobile app development company will provide you with sincere and satisfactory replies.

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1. Where Can you Find Examples of Previously Developed Applications?

You can analyse the quality of an app only by having to get a look at it directly. So, do not wait to ask them the links (Apple’s App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Play etc.) to a few of their previously developed apps. Also, try to get apps that have maximum similarity with the functionalities you prefer for your app. You should check how the app works in different environments and conditions. This way, you can determine if the company is capable of developing the type of app that you need.

2. Who are Your Current and Past Clients?

This information is required for you to verify that the mobile app development company that you’ve approached is the real creator of the apps that you found in the digital stores. Fake companies can claim that they have worked on popular apps. When you contact a company’s past clients, you are also getting a chance to enquire other details before working with them, such as reliability and work culture.

3. How do you Communicate with Your Clients?

It is necessary that there is ample communication between you and the company’s executives, so that there is no compromise on the quality of your app and there is no delay or serious issues in the project due to insufficient supervision. You should also ask whether you will be allowed to directly communicate with your developers and designers, and how often you would get the status updates.

4. Who will Own the App?

The popular rule is that a thing should be owned by the person who buys it or invests money in it. However, in order to avoid any future complications, it is necessary that you and the company should sign an agreement declaring the ownership of the finished product. The copyright assignment that you sign should ensure that you have complete freedom to use the product as per your wish.

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5. How is the Testing Done?

You should ask about the testing procedures that the company follows. It is common that a lot of development companies avoid this step all together or give it less importance. Make sure that the company does manual testing where it is important and have a wide range of devices that include new models also. You should make sure that the company can quickly fix bugs that are found during the beta phase.

6. What about Deployment of the App?

After the initial rounds of testing the fully functional app is over, you may submit it on the app store. You should confirm whether the company includes deployment as part of the entire process or not.

7. What do you Charge and How can it be Paid?

You should request for a budget estimate to the company and ask if it needs to be a one-time fee upfront or can be a down payment & several installments. Total payment can be based on an hourly rate or a flat fee. After you agree on the fees and payment terms, you should draft a written agreement detailing the aforementioned.

8. Do you have Expertise in Building Exceptional Features?

If you want to make apps that sell, you need to include attractive features. So, you should get an idea about the expertise the company have in making innovative and remarkable features that grab the user’s attention.

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