5 Things to Know Before You Start Mobile App Development

Just imagine the pain that goes behind developing a mobile app. Sadly, in spite of best efforts, a lot of mobile app development endeavours end up as big failures. In most of these cases, there were the lack of a proper development plan. It is essential that you decide upon the importance of various facets of your project before proceeding with its implementation. Here are some of the major things that you need to keep an eye on before doing anything else.

1. Well formulated purpose  

A project without a purpose or without some value could never do well in the market, and it will soon get buried into the depths of the digital app stores. So, it is highly recommended that you ask yourself the question, “why you are building your app” a few times before you start planning further.

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The app you make should solve an existing problem. You don’t need to strictly avoid imitation of an idea. People will admire your app if it provides a solution that is more interesting or easy.

2. Learn to plan from within a budget

The line between possibility and impossibility should be clearly drawn at the beginning of mobile app development itself. Blindly imitating all the features and functionalities of successful apps that you find in the app stores without questioning its practicality could cost you heavily later, when you try to implement the design.

You should understand the importance of working from within the budget you have in hand. Otherwise, if you spend too much for design extravaganzas or app features, you will find yourself in need of money to do activities that gains importance towards the end phases; especially marketing.

3. A good market research

People believe that the only thing that a market research helps in knowing is whether a demand gap exists or not for a particular product. Well, this is not necessarily so. A market research will help you to devise a good marketing strategy based on your study and observations of specific markets. You could also get feedback from public about the qualities and enhancements that are expected from the kind of apps that they already use. This way you can create apps that are unique or different.

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As most of the existing and successful apps have several drawbacks, you can offer your brand that solves those issues. For e.g., you can develop apps that give good performance and new features. They are likely to get much attention as people would probably have settled down with some app, because they had no other choices. Once they can get their hands on improved and more useful apps, what could deter them from giving it a try?

4. Early marketing

Marketing should not be left out for the last phase of mobile app development. Do everything you could, to get your app noticed during the first week of your app’s launch itself. This would mean getting the word out early. The general trend is that if you can not get a good buzz around your app during the initial months of its release, you won’t be able to hope a recovery by updates, even after the best marketing efforts.

5. Pricing your app

You might be very much excited about getting huge returns from your app right after its launch in the app store. But how could you expect to get a good return from an app that is priced too high for the particular market that you are targeting?

App pricing could vary by and large based on the particular platform, industry and country targeted, purpose fulfilled, demand for the app for doing the particular task etc. Saying that, it is advised that you should not price your app too low also. You can give your app free for trial, but pricing it too low will make doubts in the customer’s mind about the quality of the app.

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