12 Reasons You Should Convert Books To Mobile Apps

The rate at which information gets shared in the present day is outrageous. You don’t lazily sip a cup of tea and go through the newspaper every morning. Newspaper news is stale to you as you’ve already read it from your smartphone.

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As a publisher, your present might be dull, and the future, even more so. But you have a way out – convert books to mobile apps. Why should you do it? Here are 12 reasons for you:-

Offer Fresh Content to the Digital Generation: – You have to be where your customer is. And currently the biggest consumers of digital content is the digital generation. A number of them wouldn’t have read books. And they do have a voracious appetite for new content.

So, your traditional books would be new content to them, and chances are they would love it. Most of them are more comfortable with digital content than traditional books.

No Printing Cost – Unlike doing a new edition, creating a mobile app does not involve the cost of printing. One of the major investment you require for traditional books is printing cost. So, creating an app would cost you a lot lesser.

Storage Space Required – With an app, you need next to no physical storage space. So, that godown you used to have earlier to store books are not required anymore.

No Transportation cost – If you do not have anything to print and store, you don’t have anything to transport as well. So, no transportation cost – another reason for you to convert books to apps.

Easily Portable – The process of setting up your own account in the popular app stores such as Google Play and Apple App Store are no big deal. Probably your mobile app developer himself would get it done for you. There is no need to carry it around by any means of transportation.

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Easy to Market and Distribute – Its very simple to distribute as well. With the right App Store Optimization (Why Use App Store Optimization Services?) and digital marketing techniques, you can reach out to a massive number of audience. Distributing is simple as sharing the link to the app.

Customizable – Unlike physical books, e-books in apps can be easily customized and updated. So, adding a few design changes or correcting a few pages or typos wouldn’t be a big deal. You can change the fonts, colors, etc and just upload the update

Environmental Benefits – Obviously, paper is not required for publishing your content as mobile apps. Leading to lesser trees being cut down, which is a huge positive for the environment.

User Benefits of Converting Books To Mobile Apps

Can Be Interactive – Traditional books are not much interactive. They are just plain, fixed text. So, it is that much more difficult to keep modern readers engaged. But in the case of apps, you can show a variety of content, such as videos, social media integration, ability to search, annotate, etc.

Easily Accessible Alternate Resources – As mentioned above, apps can be interactive, which offers you an opportunity to cross link between your resources, allowing them more exposure.

You can link to other e-books, videos or even a product you want to sell. This offers a good experience to the readers as well. Because, unlike with a traditional book, they don’t have to search for a book mentioned in the bibliography among stacks of library books.

Easy access and simple to use – Apps are very easy to install. They are just a click away, in fact. People don’t have to neither go to book store nor wait for it to arrive after ordering.

Search Feature – The modern generation is so accustomed to Google, that they expect the search feature in everything. And traditional books cannot beat the ability of e-books or apps to search. It makes finding particular information very simple.

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