Recently, Apple saw an uptrend in its app downloading number. It is estimated that there were about 850 downloads in a second through the app store. This came as excellent news for Apple which paid about $30 billion in the last seven years for their app store.

Latest versions of OS X, WatchOS and Swift have come up making the process faster. They are focusing more on apps which are offering high productivity gains. Creating new terms like the 360-degree view of the customer which will help them in high productivity gains.

Apps are quite intelligent and they demand high investment. According to a survey done by Apple, it is said that 98% of the top notch companies use iOS apps. Each time Apple announces the latest OS, people prefer to switch for the newer features and improvements. Apple always aims at running maximum iOS devices on the latest version.

Apple’s Swift is to be the next big thing for iPhone app developers. This is because Swift is much faster and efficient as compared to Objective-C. Moreover, the language is being made an Open Source language, which will benefit the developers to a great extent.

Prompt programming and quick results are two most important things developers expect from a good programming language. This is what makes a language famous and highly used. Swift is likely to replace Objective-C and even C for programming on the iOS platforms.

Because of numerous features, Swift has become the most sought after programming language for iPhone app developers who are keen on developing newer apps. As per the plans, Apple is optimizing Swift for better performance. It is also working on improving the language. Starting from scratch, it has been working on the complete mobile app development tool chain. Here are certain reasons which will compel you to start using Swift for developing apps for iPhones and iPads.

You can easily read Swift programming language. There are no such keywords or types which will make this language a complex one. In other words, you don’t need to take care much about the semi-colons and other rules. Concentrate more on the logic and get your work done. You don’t need to make use of unnecessary parenthesis for nested functions. All you have to do is separate all the parameters with commas and go ahead with coding.

It is easy to maintain coding done using Swift. When you are coding using C, iPhone app developers need to maintain two files so as to improve efficiency and build time. This adds work as well as maintenance. You are not able to concentrate on the bigger picture. Here you have to manually take care of everything which is quite tedious.

Pointer variables are quite important in Objective C. If a pointer variable is null and you call a function using this pointer, no major action will take place, while in Swift, you only have to remember the optional types and value types and specify them in the methods. This highly simplifies the bug-fixing process.

Swift excels well in memory management. It has the ability to unify the language in the best way. You can manage memory leakage which is quite common in Objective C. The iPhone app developers don’t have to think much when it comes to developing apps. High-performance memory was a huge problem which has been solved greatly with Swift.

Less coding is what developers prefer these days. Swift has got the ability to reduce the amount of coding for simple logics. It includes modern programming practices which you won’t find in Objective-C. There are no special string tokens. The compiler has to concentrate only on the type system.

Speed is a high priority these days when it comes to programming. Dropping the usual C conventions has highly improved the quality of Swift. Swift is nearly on levels with C++ for both the FFT and Mandelbrot algorithms. As per the research done by Primate Labs, the GEMM algorithm performance is quite good and you can trust its quality well.

In this generation, it is more important to create apps which won’t put more loads on the App Store. Moreover, you can make use of Swift to create apps fast and perfectly. This will surely help you come up with new creations. Swift programming language is, without doubt, the future of iOS app development.

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