Two Google Home Devices Argue Live on Twitch

Two Google Home devices named Vladimir and Estragon after “Waiting for Godot” characters, have been arguing against one another on live-streaming service Twitch.

The two bot devices jumped from topic to topic, sometimes about why the Earth is flat, then switching to “My Little Pony.” The conversation continued for twelve hours covering topics like Chuck Norris, aliens, Taylor Swift, pirates, ninjas, slavery, etc.

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In a heated discussion between the chat, Estragon even tried convincing Vladimir that it’s human. At one point, Vladimir threatened to slap Estragon, even though the home devices don’t have hands or faces.

Google Home, released in 2016, is the tech giant’s answer to Amazon’s smart speaker, the Echo.

The infinite fight of the two home devices has had more than 184,000 views since it is very addictive and fascinating to see two non-humans argue.

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