There is a huge boom in the growth of mobile app development companies recently. This is mainly due to the proliferation of smart phone and the mobile-first approach of the people.

As the need for apps increases day by day for carrying out multiple tasks, the growth of custom mobile app development also has a great demand. This will bring in new trends and impacts on the entire Android App Development scenario across the world.

According to a survey, the growth of mobile applications is expected to grow by 962.5% between within the end of 2017. With rapid growth and the wide establishment of technology, 2017 is considered to be a year with new emerging trends shaping the mobile app development space globally.

Let’s have a look at the latest trends in the Android App Development

1) Internet of Things(IoT) is Growing Higher

IoT is said to be the next internet or an industrial revolution by enterprise owners and consumers. A network of objects connected through the internet to exchange and collect data using embedded sensors. The growth of IoT is in the middle of a major boom.

Apps that cater and integrate to IoT will go a long way in the case of development. IOT can bring a major change in fields like education, health, security, smart homes, auto-mobiles etc.

2) Location-Based Services (LBS)

The trend of using GPS is common these days and this leads to the growth of location-based services. The service provides real-time information to users about all the whereabouts. This method can be used in key areas like travel and tourism, navigation, security systems, payments portals, retails etc.

3) Rise of Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Machine Learning

At the start of 2017, augmented reality will not only be an important part of mobile app development but also in augmenting the app capabilities. Machine learning and augmented reality play an integral part in creating robust apps that function, learn and adapt autonomously rather than just completing already set instructions.

Some of the important apps that utilize AI are Siri, Google Now, Prisma etc. By the use of advanced analytics, AI will be able to provide better and powerful insights to business users. Due to the advantages that AI have, giants like Facebook, eBay, Google, IBM etc. have started working on this new technique.

Google has declared lately that they will continue their integration of Google Assistant into Android devices in the coming year with more intellectual skills and improved features.

4) Wearables

In Android app development, the importance of wearable technology plays an important part. Smart watches have already become popular and has got good responses. Recently, several sports and fitness brands have come up with wearable devices that are sensors oriented.

Even the health care industry is very much using this technique. These days, more apps have been developed that offer the wearable version and support such devices.

5) Beacon Technology is Gaining Importance

Beacon Technology was first only available for the iOS devices, but now this tech has been introduced to the android app development trends. Multi-functionality and easy access to track the location is the main feature of this technology.

Beacon technology is used for:

•  Find temperature of particular place
•  Detect danger
•  Used in retail industries like industry employing beacons, with heavy hitters like Lord & Taylor and Macy
•  Can be used in hotels to replace hotel room keys with beacons. E.g.Starwood Hotels
•  The Major League Baseball is using beacon technology to reach out to their fans to upgrade the seating facility inside the stadium
•  American Airlines uses this technology to upgrade their connections with customers inside the airport

6) AR & VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, both are gaining a lot of media attention lately, offering enormous growth in mobile app technology.

Virtual reality is actually the method of recreating a real life situation artificially. When you are using this tech, the user will feel and experience a situation as that in real life. In this cutting edge tech, primary stimulation is done by stimulating the user’s hearing and vision power.

VR is done by using a code language called as Virtual Reality Modelling Language(VRML). This coding language helps in creating the images and specific interactions required.

Uses of VR

• Used to enhance the imaginary reality in different fields like entertainment, games, 3D movies, video games etc.
• Can be used as stimulator’s in flight for pilots.

Augmented Reality is used in mobile apps and blended into digital components to showcase as a real thing. This tech makes the confusion in users of what is real and what is computer based. This tech enhances and stimulates the senses to hear, feel and smell.

Features of AR

• Used in Entertainment purposes- games and videos.
• Have a great potential in bringing change in the medical field. It can be used to in remote surgeries and for the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

7) Android Instant Apps

Google has developed instant apps for quick access to their android app users. With one single click, you can download the required app to your mobile like loading the web pages. In short, the entire app won’t be downloaded but only a part of it.

These instant apps would be useful at times where you need to downloaded certain apps for just one time purposes.

8) Improvement in Android App Security

App security is very important because this can effect our wallet details, personal data, hardware etc. To satisfy users, Google has brought new steps to improve the Android operating system. Thus, total security of the app will be increased and there will be more permission requests before downloading apps.

Android app security should be a big target for the coming years and Android app developers need to focus more on implementing new cyber security features within the apps.

9) Android In-App Payments

E-commerce has already become an integral part in the mobile app technology. Online payments can trigger the development of payment apps. Google has introduced a new app called the Android Pay with more secure and advantageous features. This app is considered to be perfect for storing all your credit/debit card details and personal data’s safe.

10) In-App Search

A handy feature that has been incorporated in Android phones for quite some time. Using this feature you can get information about any content on your smartphone within no time. The google search bar seen within apps which allows you search contents is an ample example of this feature.

This new feature has already been already introduced to apps like G-mail, YouTube, Spotify etc. and developers are trying to bring in the feature to more apps,

Nowadays for each and everything there is an app and they can bring you instant updates on anything around the globe. Keeping the users engaged is the main challenge that is faced by the mobile app developers.

Along with all these new trends, mobile UX design and hybrid HTML5 is to show importance in the coming years.

When it comes to mobile app development, developers cannot rely on outdated trends and tools. It is important for each and every developer to enhance their skills according to the latest android app development trends & development techniques. Hence, 2017 is considered to be a year with lots of new advancements and revolutionary changes in the Android App Development companies aiming to satisfy their users all around.

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