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Your iPhone and iPad device wouldn’t be as interesting without having cool and handy apps. To extract the best out of your device, it is crucial to embellish your iOS device with a range of user-friendly apps. We have shortlisted the top 9 iPhone and iPad apps for App store 2018. From music, task management, finance to weather and payment, these apps are the result of creative iOS app development skills and can touch gamut of areas of your daily life and make your iOS device a fulfilling experience for you.

Top 9 iPhone Apps

1. Google Photos

This is another attention-worthy app from Google for your iPhone. Since Apple is still away from building a finest photo organization app, Google Photos works as an intelligent photo management app that stores and organizes all your photos on cloud in a way that is frictionless, simple and quite convenient.

2. Lyft

There is always a need for cab in your life especially when you go out unplanned. Lyft helps you save time and bother by finding you the quick ride in no time. Whenever (and wherever) you need, Lyft will pick you up. Usually, it operates in major cities at a price that is more affordable than taxi in most cases. Rides can be overprices at the time of demand surge, though.

3. Snapchat

Appealing to almost entire spectrum of demographics, the widely celebrated Snapchat is a great option for people to share with their friends. Recently, Snapchat has also become great platform for publications for fresh updates, news and events and virtual hangout spot. Users can either send individual messages or create their own storyboard with array of posts.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a thoughtful product of iOS app development as it acts as a virtual notebook allowing you to note down anything rolling in your mind anywhere. With Evernote, you can make notes, save images and content from the web, upload content and track your tasks. It lets you manage audio files and you can search Evernote notes easily and quickly anytime you wish.

5. Dark Sky

A reliable companion to spontaneous walkers and joggers, Dark Sky is a weather prediction app that helps you determine whether or not you should go out. The app predicts local weather of your precise location and contains elegant maps that encourage users to be weather-conscious.

6. Spotify

Great for personalized music-on-demand lovers, Spotify allows users to listen to their favourite tracks and explore radio option for them find new tunes, playlists etc. you can even sync music files to your phone for offline listening experience. To make your trip more fun, tap into Spotify and download catchy playlists over Wi-Fi which you can enjoy later without a concern for data charges.

7. Enlight

Enlight is a powerful and versatile photo-editing tool that offers premium control on mobile devices. Acclaimed for its impressive photo editing features, Enlight has colours and tone controls, filters, masking features and more to create various effects. It has photo correction and photo mixing tools to enhance many qualities of photos. Reflecting the maturity of iOS app development, Enlight could be your ultimate resort for a complete photo editor.

8. AnyDo

To always remember and manage daily chores and tasks, AnyDo can help you createthe to-do-list, reminders and notes. It also gives you ability to share or assign the task to other app users. With voice-entry feature, you can speak to add items to the list. You can sync your tasks and attachments between phone, desktop and tablet and integrate calendar. Its premium version contains advanced features.

9. Mint

Are you looking for ways to control your overspending, better manage loan/debt or save for next birthday party or holiday trips? Mint is there for you. Mint brings all your account activities in one place including banks, credit, investments, etc. It optimizes your budget and offers you tools to set saving goals and bill reminders, and categorically breaks down your spending structure.

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Top 9 iPad Apps

1. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a perfectly example of the creative infinity of iOS app development for iPad devices. This is a pro-level photo editing tool that works best on iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro, allowing you to explore its impressive range of features like RAW shooting/processing support, the ability to add fonts, layer isolation, etc. Its has live filters and liquify tools that enable editing in real time. You can grab pleasant experience with a finger or Pencil.

2. Noted

A great integration of audio recorder and notepad, Noted comes with a rich text editor that provides a simplified version of pages. Notes have predefined styles for lists and headings, means to add images and an attention-drawing highlighter. The combination of text and audio is unique for iPad apps and Noted makes the task of recording meeting or lectures smarter and more contextual.

3. Concepts

If you are prepared to experience a creative sketching and design, Concepts could be just what you need. It embodies intelligent iOS app development as this modern vector-based sketching app offers editable strokes with great flexibility, varied grids, and user-definable gestures. With the use of Pencil, Concepts version 5 has new design standards and appears smooth and natural in use.

4. Human Anatomy Atlas

Human Anatomy Atlas encourages AR-driven education and takes digital textbook to next level by turning your device into an anatomy lab. With this app, you can dig into virtual corpse and examine cross-sections, full deep anatomy including bones, eyes and muscle action. Due to AR element, what you do with Human Anatomy Atlas and virtual cadaver is always so fascinating and intriguing.

5. Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is your phone’s productivity app that gives organized access to your local files, images and folders. Kaleidoscope is designed with contemporary standards of iOS app development and it utilizes the new iOS 11 functionality on latest iPads. The app compares various contents of folders and enables drag and drop from Apple’s Files app and contains coloured overlays to highlight the difference between text docs. It offers great flexibility in image viewing as well.

6. Toca Life: Farm

Aimed at engaging kids and little ones, Toca Life: Farm is a wonderful, ambitious and thoughtful iPad app that offers children to explore richness of country life and create their own stories. They can interact with rich elements (crops, ingredients, food and animals) of barn, field, house and store. Even young ones can find it fun while making noises and colourful characters. With so much lively components in this game-like app, Toca Life: Farm is definitely attributed to mature iOS app development.

7. MaxCurve

If you seek a professional Photoshop experience with nice control on images on your iPad, MaxCurve high-quality photo editor is there to entice you. The app enables users to adjust curves and make subtle tweaks to colours and exposure settings easily. Any iOS app development company will have to chase the highest standard while competing with this smart app. MaxCurve’s edits are stored as virtual layers, and photo enhancements tools are truly impressive.

8. The Brainstormer

Designed for all the aspiring storytellers, Brainstormer can help you develop a story if you are out of ideas. By default, you can spin the three wheels for a haphazard set of plots, themes, settings and subject. You can fiddle with them all you want. The scalable iPad app gives you a little kick while inventing a fantasy world or unique drama. Wheels are editable and can be customized from scratch to fits users’ taste.

9. Waterlogue

Waterlogue is a unique, photo transformation app on iPad that converts the photo you enter into luminous watercolours. This app represents the creatively aesthetic aspect of iOS app development. It comes with 14 pre-styles you can choose from. Just open a photo and Waterlogue will add paint to your photo, making it look authentically creative and spectacular. It offers good control and tweaks along with adjustment for brush size, colour intensity and borders.

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Last words

We just explored the list top 11 iPhone and iPad apps on App store in 2018. There are still plenty of options in Apple’s App store for latest iPhone and iPad holders since iOS app development technology’s evolving constantly. In future, you are likely to discover more exciting wonders for any iOS app development company would strive to exceed imagination of users. Till then, we have these apps to enliven our living.

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