Storytelling App 'Toontastic 3D' Lets Kids Create Their Own Cartoons

Google to launch a new storytelling app called ‘Toonastic 3D‘ that will help kids create their own cartoons.

The new app allows kids draw, animate and narrate 3D cartoons which they can use to tell stories or use for school reports. Kids can make animations using a set of built-in characters or create their own, using app’s editor and camera.

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Children can choose things like ‘idea lab’ or ‘science project’ to get inspired and this can help them with their school projects.

Google compares Toonastic 3D to a ‘digital puppet theater’ for kids can get into the interactive 3D world, choose among the dozens of customizable characters available or draw their own and even set the mood with music.

Children between 8 and 10 years are considered to be apt for using this app, but, since there is no age limit on creativity, adult kids can also join and have fun.

Toontastic 3D aims to inspire kids to be improvisational and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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