apps deal with depression

The researchers from Northwestern University in the United States found that 13 speedy ‘Mini-Apps’ called ‘Intellicare’ reduced depression and anxiety.

Changes were seen on those who used the apps on their smart phones up to four times a day along with psychotherapy or antidepressant medication.

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The Journal of Medical Internet Research published the study which says that the applications offer exercises for de-stress, reduce self-criticism, methods to make your life more meaningful, mantras to en-light your strengths, strategies for better sleep and more.

Smart phone Mini-Apps can help Deal with Depression, Anxiety

Around 105 participants were enrolled in the study and out of this 96 completed the study. They used the app as many as four times daily, or an average of 195 times for eight weeks.

The coaching for the use of intellicare apps held for 8 weeks included an initial phone call, 2 or more text messages for a week at the observation period. The participants use an initial time of one minute to use each app with longer time for apps with relaxation videos.

The reports show that participants experienced 50% decrease in the extremity of depressive and anxiety symptoms as digital tools are emerging as an important remedy for mental health.

The app aims to help millions of people who want support but can’t get to the therapist’s office.

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