Save Yourselves from Human Trafficking with This App

Human Trafficking is a very serious worldwide issue. Tens of thousands of people get trafficked each year. It is done mainly for prostitution or some form of labor and more recently, human organ trade.

Developed by an organization (Exchange Initiative) that is waging a war against sex trafficking, the TrafficCam app seems to be a very useful app.

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With this app, anyone with a smartphone can fight human trafficking. Just upload the photos of hotel rooms where the trafficked person is being held. As traffickers, especially in the sex trade, post photos in online advertisements, it is easy for investigators to track the victims and find out the perpetrators.

A database of hotel room images are created which makes it easy for investigators to zero down on the posted location

As per UNICEF, every year, 1.2 million children are trafficked worldwide. A large percent of these are children between 12-14 years of age.

Smart App ideas such as the TrafficCam mobile app are superb examples of technology helping out to tackle social issues.

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