Sehatmand is one of the fastest-growing healthcare app in India providing genuine medicines & superior service to their valuable users. Developed by compromising specialist doctors, users & medical stores, Sehatmand has created a trustworthy healthcare ecosystem already. 

Sehatmand aims to play a catalytic role in addressing the nation’s developmental challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions.

With Sehatmand, patients are able to connect with doctors online at home and order medicines from their trusted supplier and get delivered to their doorsteps easily. Patients can also book diagnostic tests and full body checkups from the convenience of their homes.  

How Sehatmand Works?
Users can download the app from play store or app store and verify the account with their mobile number. After that users can upload their prescriptions and buy required medicines from trusted chemists around their location. The purchased medicine will be delivered to your doorsteps within 24 hours. 

What we did
Redbytes partnered with Sehatmand to redefine the way people access healthcare services by weighing in on the transparency & real-time operational visibility between patients, chemists & doctors. We made sure to assist Sehatmand to scale up telemedicine to support the healthcare infrastructure by digitally enabling a customer-centric, scalable, and robust healthcare operational model. 

Scope of the project:

Sehatmand app (Android+iOS)

Admin Panel (Web-based)


3 Months


Android, Python


Shop by Products
With a wide range of healthcare products across different segments, patients can buy any medicine lying in bed 

Health Reports
Sehatmand can maintain and record your health reports like prescriptions, lab test reports and medical bills  

Sehatmand can filter its products based on price, relevance, and brand making it easier for the users whilst shopping 

Refer & Earn
Users can refer a friend or family and earn points to redeem on their next purchase 

Order & Track History
Sehatmand allows its users to keep track on their purchase history so they can identify where their medicine is in real-time 

Favorite list
Users can keep a favorites list based on the frequent purchase of products making it easier for them to buy next time around 

Covid -19 Essentials
Users can watch the Latest covid related news & buy covid essentials supplements based on their needs 

Lab Tests
Sehatmand allows its users to book and receive multiple test reports like covid, diabetes, full body checkup, blood, etc. 

Coupons & Offers
Users will receive coupons and offers after making certain purchases allowing them to redeem with their next purchase

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