Moeller Precision Tool is a React native app for maintaining the database by scanning the barcode. Here the users can scan parts out by entering batch number or barcodes and perform inventory.

This most technically advanced app helps to manage the database for many businesses easily and quickly.


This app helps the users to have a track on the parts available which saves lot of time by manually skimming the products. They provide exceptional quality, personalized service and uncompromising value in serving the customers to their best.


Synchronization of data to the server was the ultimate challenge we faced during this project. We used the PHP API for fetching data from server as we don’t want to make big changes at server and API site. So we had to track the records of mobile site which did not get synchronized to the server and push only those records in order to avoid duplication of crashing when the network is available.


Redbytes always keeps the customer and their requirements as top priorities. We mainly focus the user experience and security of data of our clients and their apps. We do provide app maintenance and support after the successful launch of the application on the app stores.

What we did?

In consonance with the client requirement, we developed a simple and user friendly app which is accessible in both iOS and Android devices.

Users can create login as well as sign up through their social-media profile and scan the barcodes to enter the details on the database or search for any parts.


  • Login(Sign In)
  • Select Site Screen
  • Scan Part Out
  • Scan Part Out History
  • Perform Inventory
  • Perform Inventory History
  • Add To Cart
  • Search By Die
  • Search By Dimension
  • Account (Change Password)
  • Contact
  • Manual Sync
  • Connection History
  • About MPT
  • Logout

App Flow


We centered on a plan that is straightforward that could provide more prominent client experience. We created mock-ups and this was affirmed by the client. Multiple cycles were done for the plan till client satisfaction was accomplished.


MPT is a successful database management mobile app which works on both iOS and Android. React Native technology is used to complete this project and the development was completed in 35 days.

The technologies used to develop are

Android+ iOS:  React Native

Backend: PHP

Database: MySql


This was a small project, so the entire project was divided into 3 milestones and was delivered on time. After each milestone, client meeting were done through Skype and feedback were collected.

The development team consisted of 4 developers- 2 for frontend and 2 for backend

We followed Agile Model throughout the development.


For this project we had manual testing. First DEV team and then QA tested the app. Manual testing requires more effort than the automation, it successfully checks for bugs, if any, in the software system

Selenuim is the tool used for testing this app. The methodologies used for manual testing are

  • Black Box testing
  • White Box testing
  • Grey Box testing

Black Box Testing is a software testing method in which testers evaluate the functionality of the software under test without looking at the internal code structure.

White Box Testing is based on applications internal code structure. In white-box testing, an internal perspective of the system, as well as programming skills, is used to design test cases.

Grey box is the combination of both White Box and Black Box Testing. The tester who works on this type of testing needs to have access to design documents.

Investment in Person

Our development group had 4 well experienced and able engineers, Quality Examiner, Analyzer and a Designer who were capable to make over the client prerequisites into reality. Completion of this app required tenure of just 35 days.

Our Achievement

The group exertion together with thoughts from the client enabled us to deliver the MPT app on time (a turnaround time of 35 days)m which in turn became a very huge victory. After submitting the app to app store, our client was totally cheerful and fulfilled.

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