1) Meelo is a productivity work space to make your work simple

2) Efficiently perform a wide variety of business tasks

3) Communication becomes easy and simplified

4) The app was developed using the cross-platform Xamarin with native features where the code base can be shared at the same time.

5) Highlights: Scheduling, productivity tool integrations, check-in details, file sharing, workplace detail synchronization, etc.

Features of the App:

1) Login: Once the app is downloaded, you can login using Google account details or Office 365

2) Conference Rooms: For meetings, you can search for available workspaces in the desired area and choose from the listed list and reserve.

3) Date Picker & Time Picker: The date picker & time picker controls the calendar and time section where you can choose the date and the exact time when the conference is to be held.

4) Location Search: This feature will help you integrate the current location with the app and the user can search-in for desired location and find places.

5) Meetings: This feature gives the complete details regarding the conference. It mentions features like place details, date, time, number of persons invited etc.

6) Meeting Cancellation: In this feature, if you need to cancel an event, you can tap on the existing event you need to cancel.

7) Check-in Options: The app also comes in with check-in sources for events or conferences. The section comes with features like check-in, meeting-cancel option; check-out option and meeting extend option along with time details.

8) Check-out the Rate: Here users have the option to review and rate their workplace according to their experience. If not interested you can also ‘skip’ this section.

9) More/Profile: This is the profile of the user which is integrated to certain tools, where you can see the user details, credentials (Google Account) , scheduling (Google Calendar ) , conference tool (Skype) , content sharing tool (Google Drive, One Drive)

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