A new app that uses sensors to monitor air quality launched in London to avoid air pollution.

The app makes use of hourly data from sensors all over London to monitor nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide level.

“The mobile app also offers advice to cyclists, runners, parents, and those wishing to eat outdoors, with a red warning signifying that activities attempted outdoors will damage your health,” ‘Sky News’ reported.

The Plume Air Report app is designed to make people “breathe better,” it was first introduced in France to beat high pollution levels.

This app is to help you breathe better by providing you information on how to avoid pollution.

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“What we’ve built is digital tools to help people breathe better, by informing them on what it is that they’re breathing,” said Romain Lacombe, founder of Plume Labs which developed the mobile app. “This means we can put a pollution forecast in the hands of everyone,” Lacombe said.

The app is available on Android, and for iOS.

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