Now, an App to Prevent Childhood Burns!

When there are kids, keeping hot water/coffee/tea or any hot beverages can be dangerous. You never know when a painful burn might occur. Such burms add up to around 20% of all burns that happen to children aged below 15 years.

Jacquii Burgess, a burns researcher along with a team of fellow researchers at the Centre for Children’s Burns and Trauma Research in Queensland have joined hands with iPug, a digital health company to develop Cool Runnings, a new app.

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Cool Runnings is an app that teaches parents and teachers about how to keep burn injuries at bay, and also to treat them with cool running water in case such situations arise. It offers messages and photos with educational purpose for mothers/parents/teachers.

A sample tip is to make your bookshelves more stable by keeping it close to the wall, as the chances for you keeping a cup of hot beverage on bookshelves is high.

Ms.Burgess told that while a cup of coffee might look like a small amount, but for a baby, its equivalent to a bucket for an adult-sized body. This can cause severe injuries.

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