National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to introduce mobile app for the public to file complaints against those who are involved in rash driving or violating traffic rules.

This will take a month or two to create it. It will be soon available for the citizens so that they can even take a photograph of the vehicle, which is speeding or violating any structures relating to transport and press a button to register a complaint against that vehicle, Mr. Chandra said.

“All the complaints will get registered in the ledger pertaining to that vehicle whereupon the police/transport department can take further action about it,” he added.

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“In the days to come, I hope to be able to introduce reforms to bring about better management, control, policing of our highways network, I feel with more physical intermediation we should be able to bring about something like patrolling to improve the physical management on roads and I think that will have a significant improvement on road safety,” he said.

NHAI was working towards building up complete information of bank of each and every highway, known as the Road Asset Management System (RAMS).

“Within the next one year we should have information of the entire 1,00,000 kms of highway network on its every aspect, including the encroachment on both sides, quality of the road, width of the road, width of the right of way, issues concerning with junctions and so on,” he added.

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