New Mobile App Developed to Help Dementia Patients and their Families

The researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago has developed a new mobile app called the “Dementia Guide Expert” for patients suffering from dementia, their families and caregivers.

The app is considered to improve the quality of life, disease awareness and well-being of nearly 48 million people globally.

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The app which is now available on Android Google Play and iTunes was developed by Valerie Gruss, Memoona Hasnain and Mike Koronkowski. The app not only provides knowledge about dementia but also helps to find appropriate providers, community support and resources.

New Mobile App Developed to Help Dementia Patients and their Families

Dementia, is the progressive loss of memory, thinking and reasoning which can interfere the daily life and result in behavioural changes. Even though there is no complete cure for this disease, early diagnosis can provide improved outcomes.

The new app provides expert tips and information about the disease, types, factors, risks, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, communication techniques and links to practical resources and support services.

The app which is already downloaded in five countries is now available in English and will be soon translated into other languages.

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