App Launched to Digitally Report Crimes in Kenya

A new mobile app is launched by the National Crime Research Centre on Tuesday for digitally reporting crimes in Kenya.

The new app is introduced to ensure incidents that usually go unreported are documented and acted upon on time. To report a crime, all one needs is a smartphone with iOS, Android or Windows operating system.

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According to the NCRC Chief Executive Officer, Gerald Wandera, about 70% of crimes happening in Kenya are never reported because citizens fear visiting police stations.

Mobile App Launched to Digitally Report Crimes in Kenya
Once active on the app, the user can click to identify him/her as a ‘victim’ or a ‘witness’ of the crime. The pop-ups within the app guide the user to give details of the incident in a simple format. The data entered is received on time at the NCRC’s data center, which is then monitored.

The app even provides options where the user can upload photographs, audio’s, video and PDF files as evidence of the crime.

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