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iOS is a well-known operating system developed by Apple Incorporation to run exclusively on Apple hardware products that include iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Initially, the idea behind developing this OS was to make it compatible to run applications on small screens of the phones. Soon, it began to draw a wider picture and began to come up with its own applications.

Similar to any other mobile operating system, iPhone also offers a wide variety of apps to be used by the user. While the programming languages used in the earlier app development were C and C++, these days the languages have been replaced with their advanced versions like Objective-C and Swift.

No doubt, programming languages play an important role in the development of useful and effective iOS applications; there are a number of other tools that can be used for this purpose. While the market is currently flooded with these tools, there are a certain few that are expected to rule the market in 2018. Some of these are as mentioned below:

1. Hotfix Native iOS Apps

This is one of the most exclusive tools available to develop iOS applications. Using this tool allows one to push code levels immediately to the native Objective-C apps. Allowing one an easy and direct access to the app methods and this tool also patches these by providing the app alert messages.

2. Qordoba

This allows one to localize, optimize as well as promote the app in international market. A local software development kit (SDK), Qordoba works with local files and assets. The tool’s main aim is to allow parsing which, in simple terms, mean establishing connectivity between the app and the related database.\

3. Charter

Provided by the Swift language, Charter is considered to be an excellent tool for iOS app development. Keeping up with the Swift programming language mailing list on iPhones or iPads, the tool allows its user to have both online and offline view as well as supports the message threading for the conversation.

4. Swift Express

A simple and powerful web application tool, this app is written in Swift programming language and contains a framework and simple routing mechanism. Using it enables one to easily manage the project dependencies as well as swiftly running the app.

5. Gitter

Built on GitHub, which is one of the largest software development platforms at a global level, Gitter is an open source instant messaging platform that allows one to use it for public and private chats. Used commonly by developers, this tool allows for rigid collaboration within  organizations.

6. Crayons

This one is an interesting plug-in that makes working with colors in a project much interesting. Along with the predefined colors available, this tool also provides access to custom colors that are defined in the code. Apart from this, the tool also allows one to share color pallet in the file by writing the suitable methods as per the requirements.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a number of other effective tools and platforms to develop iOS applications. Using these frameworks makes it easier to develop iOS applications as these provide an integrated environment for a smooth and easy development process.

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