How to Plan Marketing of an iPhone App That Failed to Get Enough Traffic

You can almost always get a great app if you put in sufficient and focused effort. Yet, the Apple store success is practically a different story. Sometimes, things can go really bad. But, if you are so sure about your app’s potential and can’t forgive yourself for the whole iPhone app development turmoil, you should definitely consider giving your app a second chance.

However, there are certain things that you must ensure are given notice, so as to give your iPhone app the highest chances of success. This article will discuss what you could do once your app fail to make the required admiration among the crowd in the iOS market.

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1. Work on your social media promotion: Even after iPhone app development, if you are still willing to invest time and capital, you can start with social media promotion. You can drive some of your downloads via this method.

Promote your app on facebook, twitter, google plus and other places, where a crowd gathers on the virtual world. Include great looking screenshots and user stories. Fake facebook likes aren’t of much use here. You can begin with your friends, colleagues, and family, after which you can gradually reach out to the masses.

2. Ensure that there is an existing market demand for your app: You cannot sell a stupid or gross app idea no matter how cool it looks and function. For e.g., “Simstapler”, “The most useless app ever ” and “iBeer” are simply purposeless apps.

So, you should ensure that your app has an existing demand in the marketplace, or at least your app should be able to create a new demand. When it’s too late, there is nothing else that you can do other than throwing your app away and saving your time & money further!

3. Get a good description and logo: Your app name, logo, and screenshots together should catch the attention of your audience and prompt them into clicking the download button within 2 seconds after they have landed on your page. That means you should do a lot of homework here. If you are a solo developer and is not very good at creating something that could impress others, you should better get additional help from outside.

4. Get rid of that bad UI: If your UI is awfully bad, redo it. Your UI needs elements that engage the user. A good user experience is something that holds your users to the app that they once downloaded out of sheer curiosity.

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5. Plan it right away: It is a big mistake that you did not plan your marketing strategy before starting with iPhone app development. The best thing you can do now, if you are determined to go forward with the same app is planning the strategy as early as possible.

Get insights about the different marketing tactics from experienced hands and choose the best strategies that may sell your particular app. Decide what parts you will stress like more videos or including offline promotional methods.

6. User retention: Don’t forget your existing users, how limited in number they are. If they are having complaints about your app, give them quick responses and if you require time to sort out an issue, politely inform them.

7. Getting feedback and monitoring customer engagement: You should learn to collect feedback from your customers, and most importantly the feedback should be valued enough. Customer feedback and customer engagement reports are two major sources that throw light on the performance of your app. Feedback will let you know what users like in your app and what they hate. You can also use your findings as a basis for designing your next app.

8. Measure your marketing effectiveness: After you implement each of your marketing strategies, there should be constant monitoring to check whether they are actually giving you the desired out-turn.

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