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Imagine juggling your time, schedule, spending precious time in traffic just to make that monthly trip to the salon. Now that’s a problem for many urban women that needs a solution.

So, if you can get all of these services from the comfort of your home, why spend so much time and effort to go to the salon. That’s how UrbanClap was born, an on-demand service app where salon specialists are accessible at the tip of your fingers.

That said, a business cannot stop at providing a solution to just a single problem alone. It cannot be sustainable in the long run as clients after consuming that service is going to look for more offerings.

To tackle this challenge, UrbanClap came up with a list of services that were aimed at quenching the thirst of a bigger market. Be it, online yoga classes, experts to repair or service your home appliances, or someone to decorate your home, you will find it on all on UrbanClap.

Let’s take a look at how to create an app like UrbanClap, its develoment process and app cost.

UrbanClap At A Glance


Let’s look at some of the inspiring demographics that have really placed UrbanClap right at the top as an on-demand service delivery application.

As of 2020, UrbanClap boasts revenue of USD 36 million fulfilling more than 620,000 service orders. It currently provides 60 types of services available across 15 cities in India.

Here is a glance through the significantly high demand for a list of services that the app offers.

Salon: Haircuts | Facials, Clean-up, Bleach & Deep Clean | Manicure & Pedicure | Waxing | Threading

Home Cleaning & Repair: Geyser / Water Heaters | Electrician | Plumber | Washing Machine | Carpenter | ACs, TV & Refrigerators | Home Deep Cleaning | Disinfection Services

Home: Packers & Movers | Pest ControlHome Cleaning | Bathroom | Kitchen | Sofa | Carpet | Water Tank

Tutors & Lessons: Home tutor | Mathematics tutor | English tutor | Commerce tutor

Wedding Services: Bridal make-up | Pre-wedding photoshoot | Wedding planner | Pre-bridal beauty package

Home Design & Construction: Interior | Architect | Modular kitchen | Painters | CCTV Cameras

Health & Wellness: Physiotherapy | Dietician | Yoga trainer | Fitness trainer at home

Business: Web designer and developer | CA for small businesses | Lawyer | CA for tax registration

Kids: Baby portfolio photographer | Dance tutor | Drum class | Guitar lessons at home

Party & Event Services: Birthday party | Event photography | Party make-up artist

UrbanClap has also recently launched its operations in Dubai. Plus, the company has 100,000+ professionals on board to deliver these services.

The story is perfectly clear. If you are thinking to create an app like UrbanClap, it is a mountain of a challenge to take on. That said, there is a massive opportunity for other players to enter the field as there is a significantly high demand for an UrbanClap clone application.

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Features For An On-demand Service Delivery Application

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You have to focus on two aspects when it comes to short listing the features of your version of the UrbanClap mobile application. They can be categorized as – Features for Customers, Features for Service Providers, and Features for Admin.

Features for Customers

User Registration: Set up an easy to use registration system through a unique username/email id and password allowing them to build their profile right away.

Log-in With Social Handles: Your app can offer customers to register and log-in using their social media handles too. This a time saver and definitely is a more attractive option to register for users since there is no need to remember additional passwords.

User Profiles: As soon as users register on the application, they can progress towards creating their individual profiles on the application. This section integrates some key questions that can decipher the demographics. The data can be used to cater to their needs better.

Data Security and Safety: You will be capturing a ton of personal information such as name, age, address, phone number,and even payment details on your application. With top-class data encryption system acts as an assurance that customer information on your application will remain secure.

Advanced Search & Sorting: This is a key functionality that boosts the overall user experience. Smart search algorithms help the users to look up the type of services that they wish to avail of. Advanced features enable filtering these services with options like budget, location, and more.

Services or Account History: This is a dedicated feature on the app that keeps track of all the services booked and availed using the mobile application.

Multiple Payment Modes: It is almost mandatory for service apps to offer their customers a choice of different payment modes. While online avenues such as net banking, debit, and credit cards plus wallets are popular options, many still like to pay ‘Cash on Delivery’.

In-app Chat: The option to chat with an agent via the app platform is critical functionality that on-demand service apps must incorporate. There can be a combination of chatbots and human agents in this segment. For example, simple queries that require instant solutions can be handled by bots whereas more complex problems can be transferred to a live agent.

In-app Call: While live chat through the app is becoming immensely popular many customers are still old-school and prefer to speak to a customer service agent if they have queries or issues that need to be resolved. Having an in-app call facility can conveniently connect them instantly without having to leave the app and dial a physical number.

Feedback, Review & Ratings: Customers always check on user feedback, reviews, and ratings of the service providers that you have on-boarded. Ensure that this feature is highlighted as great reviews and ratings can translate into more revenue with prospective clients.

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Features for Service Providers

Registration and Log-in: Service providers need to register on the app and log-in using their username and password. Alternatively, Gmail ids and social media handles are popular log-in options too.

Profile Building: The service providers need a dedicated service page where they can list the type of services on offer. On the front end, the customer will be able to view this information, check their profiles, reviews, ratings, and feedback before taking the service.

Service Charges: The service providers must be able to access a feature on the application where they can set their service charges, be it hourly, a fixed rate, or a customized quote. This again will reflect as part of their profiles on the front-end.

Availability for Service: The service provider should be able to freely choose his or her time of operation to deliver their service offerings. This functionality on the app caters to this requirement.

In-app Chat With Customer: A dedicated chat feature integrated with the application can help service providers and customers to connect and converse, discuss service offerings in detail, talk about rates and quotes, etc.

Manage Payments: The service provider should have access to manage the payment received into their accounts via the application. This functionality helps them to monitor and keep track of payments, both incoming and outgoing, plus their commissions.

GPS Navigation: Enabling a GPS navigation feature on the app helps service providers to reach their customer locations conveniently.

Features for Admin:

Unified Dashboards: Creating a singular dashboard assists the Admin to track and monitor analytical information and generate insights at a glance.

CMS Integration: A CMS or Content Management System is essential for any on-demand service delivery application. The integration of an intelligent CMS enables the admin to completely manage the content delivery from a singular platform effortlessly.

CRM Integration: A Customer Relationship Management System is an ally of all Admins as it a single point of customer data collection. This data is then analyzed which can determine the company’s future marketing and customer acquisition strategies.

RMS Integration: A service delivery app must have a Record Management System integrated as it is an efficient way to create, delete, and maintain all essential data that is captured through the application.

Viewing Customer &Service Provider Profiles: While customers and service providers can create, edit, and delete their individual profiles, the admin has overall control. They have the authority to suspend or ban profiles especially if fraudulent activity is involved.

Data Back-up & Restoration: Ensuring that data on the app remains safe and secure is absolutely crucial. To achieve this, you need to have a dedicated data back-up and restore options.

Finance & Tax Management: A feature that dedicatedly handles finance and tax management is a necessity for admins to manage the business accounts efficiently.

Ad Management: To run ads and promotional campaigns, a feature that can manage it all from the app’s platform can be really time-saving.

Sales Analytics: The back-end should be supported with a robust sales analytics functionality that is able to effectively evaluate and assess all incoming data to generate a range of reports and insights.

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Determining the Technology  Stack

UrbanClap is a complex app and there requires a high-end technology stack. Here’s what we recommend.

Android App Development: Android Studio

iOS App Development: Swift

PHP Framework: PHP, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Mail Chimp Integration, Cassandra, Postgress, HBase

Hosting: Amazon Cloud

Additional technologies that you may also need are:

For Text Messaging, Voice & Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo

For Easy GPS Navigation: Mapkit

To Track Users In Real-Time: CoreLocation

For easy sign-in via social media handles: Facebook SDK and Google Sign In

Payments: Stripe, Wallets, Braintree, PayPal

Real-Time Analytics: Google Analytics, Flurry, IBM, Apple Flink, BigData, Cisco, Spark

Cloud Technology: Amazon Data Servers, Google Cloud Server, Azure


Your Development Team

To create an on-demand service delivery app like UrbanClap needs a relatively expert team of developers. Hitting the right composition will ensure that your projects can take off as planned and get completed as per assigned milestones and timelines.

The ideal development team can carry your vision forward and work towards making it a success utilizing all available resources.

Here is a recommended team composition:

  • Project or Team Lead – 1
  • Front-end Developers – At least 2
  • Back-end Developers – At least 2
  • Android Developer – 1
  • iOS Developer – 1
  • UI / UX Professionals – 2
  • QA Engineers – 1

How much does it cost to create an app like UrbanClap

If your goal is to create an on-demand service delivery app like UrbanClap from scratch, the average time will range anywhere between 3 to 4 months per iOS and Android platforms.

Of course, a lot of it will depend on your app’s features, functionalities, the panels, and the technology stack that you use.

Depending on the complexity of the UrbanClap app that you wish to create, here is an hourly estimate:

  • Simple app: 300 hours
  • Moderate app: 400 to 600 hours
  • Multifaceted app: Around 900 hours
  • Highly multifaceted app: More than 900 hours

Other than features, functionalities, panels, and technology, the location of your app development team also has a role to play in determining the overall cost of app development.

The hourly cost per location is as given below:

  • USA: USD 150 to 250 per hour
  • Eastern European countries: USD 120 to 180 per hour
  • Asian countries like India: USD 40 to 80 per hour

With an assumption that you are developing an MVP app in India, the cost can range between USD 15,000 to 30,000. Adding more features, options for more platforms will no doubt increase the cost.

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In Conclusion

UrbanClap has evolved over the years, ensuring that they retain the number one position when it comes to on-demand service delivery applications.

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Benchmarking your app against the best is always a smart move. That said, do not forget to add a touch of uniqueness that sets it apart from the crowd.

Your goal should be to become a one-stop solution that fulfills the needs of urban city dwellers. To help achieve this feat, enlist the services of a credible app development company that will be able to guide you on this journey.

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