create an app lke airtasker

On-demand service apps are gaining utmost importance today. Apps like Airtasker lets people live better by getting their to-do-lists done easily. People relying on such apps can easily accomplish easy or complicated tasks on the go and taskers on the other side earn for their services.

Let’s look How to create an App like Airtasker and its overall budget.

Success Story of Airtasker


Airtasker is an Australia based app that has gained immense popularity among common people. So how did this app took shape?

Let’s go back to 2012 when Tim Fung and Jonathan Lui discovered a solution that can help people effectively fulfil their tasks through some ‘ready to help’ Taskers.

In a Blog post by Jungleworks, the above said co-founders of Airtasker share their journey from their startup days to the strong Airtasker App of today. The key takeaways from the blog are :

  • Airtasker is successful in creating a workforce of their own and cluster of many passionate people who can fulfil their vision i.e to build a strong local network of local service marketplaces.
  • The thought process revolved around Jonathan Lui and Tim Fung in 2011 as Tim found it very difficult to shift her things, moving furniture, and lot more lead to this innovative app solution “Airtasker”.
  • They were able to foresee the potential of small local economies all over Australia and those people within the general public looking around for jobs for extra money.
  • Exactly after a few months of master thinking, they gave life to Airtasker and since then the community has grown over 400,000 members and millions of tasks per year.

The app is completing its successful eighth year and is known as the top-rated simple marketplace app till date. Common people, enterprises, and small businesses get connected via app and get tasks done efficiently.

Core App Features

Airtasker fulfills every user’s needs, whether for customers to get their tasks completed faster or taskers get sufficient payment for their services. Let’s dive into some significant features of the app.

airtasker app features

Airtasker is devoted to make tasks done easier. Below are the steps that outlines a typical task management process.

Booking Bid

  • The poster posts a task which is pushed to all providers who match the requirements.
  • The questions to be answered by the poster for a job can be managed from the CMS.
  • The taskers can review the job details and place their best bids for the jobs.
  • The tasker needs to pay a certain amount for each bid placed.
  • The poster selects the best bid after reviewing the provider’s profile.
  • Poster can ask questions with the tasker before hiring them.
  • The app can decide to take a commission from the job or not by setting it up on the CMS.
  • Once a tasker is hired all the providers who lost the job are informed and the job disappears from their open bid section.
  • All chat history for completed / lost jobs is preserved in the PAST CHATS but the tasker and poster cannot any longer.

There are three app versions:

  • Task Poster App
  • Tasker App
  • Admin App

Task Poster App Features

#1. Sign Up

The first and foremost process of any app is the Registration. Customers can easily sign up via email id/other social media account with a password.

Customers enter their details and select ‘I want to get things done’ completing the Sign Up process.

#2. Profile management

Airtasker offers a customizable profile for both Posters and taskers. In the case of Posters, you can add your skills, earn badges from your Taskers, update your public profile, and more.

Posters can upload their pictures, create Avatars, and even give Taglines for themselves. Every poster can change their details anytime.

 #3. Categories of Task

Airtasker like apps provides simple user-friendly navigations where Task posters can view numerous Task categories. Users can just tap on what they exactly need to be done on-time.

Task posters can set different parameters including the distance between the taskers and task posters, change the suburb, choose the task prices, and more. Without this customization, one can access about 100+ categories and 300+ subcategories of Tasks.

#4. Browse Tasks

Once the posters get a registered account, they can view various tasks and their price. Posters manage their home addresses so that Taskers can easily reach their doorsteps. The app contains advanced filter features that show tasks based on the previously assigned tasks.

#5. Suggested for you & Available tasks only

The two unique filters in Airtasker for job posters are ‘Suggested for you’ & ‘Available tasks only’.The former is a devoted feature to show tasks based on your task posting history. The latter automatically hides the task that is already assigned. This kind of feature makes Airtasker very useful.

#6. Quick Search

Posters can instantly search the tasks and select from the different Taskers. This feature also notifies about new cleaning Taskers for your future use.

Users can view complete details of the Task and the Tasker’s previous accomplishments. Posters can further search for similar jobs and select the affordable type of Tasker.

#7. Post A Task

One of the convenient features that make Airtasker from the Rivals is that posters can directly describe their tasks on the go. This is the core foundation that facilitates the app’s operation.

You can simply add the title of your Task like “Urgent clean” and give specific details of your tasks. Users can also set the price range for the tasks.

Taskers can work in Personal or Remotely as the poster wishes to. Adding photos of the tasks can help taskers understand what they really want to do. Posters can add ‘Must-have’ features for their Taskers that ensure utmost satisfaction for the posters.

#8. Add must-haves

One of the exclusive features of Airtasker is that you can add up to three must-have things the takser needs. Through this feature, posters can ensure their work is done accurately. It can include a flexible schedule, type of vehicle tasker should have, and more.

#9. Set time,date & Budget

Posters can get their tasks done on time. They can just select the date and even a certain time of day. Whether it be morning, midday, afternoon, or evening. The app allows both taskers and posters to work in a very feasible schedule.

The budget is also a major concern. But Airtasker budget setting at ease. Posters can assign total budget or else hourly rates. This estimated budget helps most apt taskers to pick your job offer.

#10. Add task attachments

Inorder to make the tasks easier, posters can attach images of the task done. If it about wall mounting your television, you can just capture the image of Television and make taskers expect their workload. Thus, such a feature can give better interaction between taskers and posters.

#11. Task management

Yes. This part is so important that you shall have an eye over every task you post. It is also significant about the taskers who complete your tasks. From all tasks, posters can view the posted, Draft, and assigned tasks.

#12. Task alerts

Being a poster, it is a great thing to get alerts about the tasks you are interested in. That is, the app identifies the type of tasks you previously assigned, alert you about such jobs easily. Posters can also set more specific custom alerts on the go.

#13. Geolocation

Taskers must get exact location where they have to reach for their task accomplishment. Gelocation functionality can make it easy for both Taskposters and Taskers.

As said earlier, Task posters can select the location and with help of a GPS locator, it can help finding nearest Taskers and in a specific radius.

#14. Map-based homepage

Task posters can set their exact locations and inform taskers about any landmark. Such a feature can make it convenient for posters to track the tasker’s journey anytime. It is easy to navigate an area or find directions to a task destination easily.

#15. Dashboard

Dashboard features filter the top-rated Taskers for you. There is a step-by-step process that reduces your efforts in assigning Taskers.

  • Provide your Task Details(How often, Home details)
  • Get a price Upfront
  • Connect with a quality Tasker
  • Safe payment after Task completion.

Posters can review other user experiences in instant Bookings. There is also a space that showcases the receive & review offer from Taskers.

#16. Booking/Once-off cleaning

This booking feature will surely reduce any kind of disputes between the tasker and poster. Here, the poster can just set everything in advance and wait for a tasker who instantly claims it.

This is very useful as once the poster posts his/her task, the app offers a price based on the industry price and assign the task to a tasker with proven ability and reduced cancellation rates.

#17. Multiple Payment options

Taskposters can choose their convenient mode of payment to the taskers. There is an option of adding credit card details and they can just select and release payment on single click.

E-wallets are very popular today and ‘Airtasker pay’ where posters can check their credits for further taskposting. The app platform have to ensure a very safe payment process abiding every policies and legal encryptions.

#18. Payment History

Here, task posters can opt to pay for the task via credit card or cash. They can also frequently check the Airtasker credits and upgrade them instantly.

The app lets posters make their payments upfront and keep it secure until the task completion. Users can edit and monitor various payment methods at ease.

#19. Charge Estimates

After entering the type of service the customers want, the price calculation algorithm in the application provides the approximate estimation.Such a charge estimate can help in avoiding overpricing of tasks and any such issues.

#20. In-app Notifications

The app notifies the recent taskers, their new task posts, your account upgrades, comments from other users, and more. Posters can find timely notifications about the offers and reviews of the latest task completions too.

#21.  Referral/Promo Codes

Posters get a referral link that they can share with their friends. After inviting them, posters get $10 Airtasker credit for each signup via a referral link. The feature allows the poster to benefit with the help of the promo codes, discounts, coupons, referrals, etc.

#22. Offer Management

The posters get many offers for the task he/she posts. Each tasker will be having different skills and prices. So, after reviewing, posters can select one and get notified about the tasker’s acceptance.

#23. In-App Private messaging

Posters get constant updates on Task progress till completion. They can suggest things to the Taskers in-real time so that tasks get done easily.

Taskers cannot get confused about the task destination. If so, this instant messaging feature helps posters to give exact directions to their home.

#24. Push Notifications

The tasker has to be abreast of the app updates, newly added tasks or Taskers, Popular Booking stories, etc. Here, the Push notification feature is a Godsend.

#25. Coles Partnership

No wondering about why Airtasker is such a winning app? Yes, now groceries are also deliverable by the taskers themselves. Posters can post a task on Coles shop and Taskers will buy and bring for you.

Posters can post a budget for shopping and delivery in advance. Still, the tasker at Coles after shopping will send you the receipt and ask for payment procedures.

#26. Ratings & Review

Airtasker has a Rating & Review feature for posters to describe the Tasker’s performance and their skills. These reviews are useful for Taskers to get more offers and better services for posters in exchange.

#27. Give Bonuses

Some taskers offer exemplary services for job posters. Airtasker has a special feature where posters can give extra thanks in the form of credits to the taskers.

In the payment stage, posters can add an extra amount as a bonus and release payment to the tasker. The bonus amount is easy to add with pre-set costs than that of instant payments. Posters can complete payments without a bonus too.

#28. Cancellation system

It is one of the mandatory features for an on-demand service app. If the task poster wants any tasks to be discontinued, they can cancel the task or else Airtasker has several options instead.

Users can manage the due dates or task price without cancelling the task completion. If it happens in between a task, the poster may have to pay an amount compensating the working hour.

One can either accept or decline cancellation request within 48 hours on Airtasker. The user should mention the reason for cancellation. Other details regarding cancellation is monitored by the Airtasker support team.

#29. Refunds

If the tasks get cancelled, the money is directly converted into Airtasker credits. These credits can be used for upcoming tasks instead of waiting for the refunds. If reqeuesting a payment return further, it may take 7-10 days depending upon the bank services.

#30. Reposting and Rescheduling tasks

As said above, task posters can repost tasks as they have Airtasker credits instantly after cancellation. That is, posters can readily search another tasker for the same job. Users can simply copy the task from “My tasks and repost it”.

Users can reschedule the tasker appointments on another date and time in advance. An on-demand service with rescheduling facility can help in establishing long-term relation between posters and doers.

#31. Favourite

Posters can favorite the taskers who worked well for you. Airtasker has included a feature for posters to assign tasks to the same tasker in the future tasks. Once the poster favorites the tasker, they can directly call and engage with the tasker. This feature offers a long-term relationship between the tasker and poster.

#32. Booking History

The user can always refer to the booking history to check up on all the transactions that have been processed via the app’s platform. This booking history page have the reschedule option where they don’t have to repost the same job each time.

With a detailed booking history, Posters can review everything concerning the previous tasks and current tasks. They can analyse the Taskdoers and reschedule tasks with the same person.

Posters get to know the expenditures and tally their tasks , manage the upcoming tasks etc. This is also a must-have feature of an on-demand service app.

#33. Forgot password

If the user forgets their password, they can instantly retrieve the password or create a new password. By clicking forgot password, you can enter the email id.

Further instructions on resetting the password will be sent directly to your email. It is always recommended to create a strong password using a combination of letters and symbols.

#34. Customer Support

Posters can readily share queries with expert customer support in no time. The 24/7 support gives solutions to any type of doubts or needs concerning Airtasker.

#35. Help/FAQ Section

This help/FAQ section is a one-stop space for getting solutions to any queries relate to the app or app features. This feature includes the basic introduction of the app and some unique functionalities of the app.

Here,users can find different sections and FAQs related to it.The FAQs are given in very simple language for every Airtasker users to get instant solutions.

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Tasker App Features

#1. Registration

Taskers can give their credentials and select the option to earn money. Following this, the tasker gets their account where he/she will receive thousands of Tasks.

#2. Add skills & portfolio

A good profile makes taskers more credible among the posters. Here, one can add their area of expertise, previous work experience, and even language abilities. Such a well-described bio and skillset help in increasing trust and credibility on managing tasks.

A portfolio is any document that shows your previous works and experiences. One can upload about 30 items in a JPG, PDF, or TXT formats. It is advised not to add any personal details or third party links in the portfolio content.

#3. Map-based homepage

Airtasker app can efficiently locate task destinations. Such a homepage with nearest and specific locations can highlight task destination easily for taskers.

They can just reach the task poster using the map that is visible on the homepage itself. Additional efforts on searching maps are reduced to the locations preset on the homepage itself.

#4. Personal Dashboard

Taskers can view task offers from thousands of posters here. One can choose the best offers and even record the personal experience in the preferred Task.

Apart from selecting tasks, every tasker can engage with new strategies and trouble-free methodologies from comments.

#5. Browse Tasks

Taskers frequently search for new opportunities and updates. There are numerous categories from which taskers can select according to the location, price, and time of task completion.

Advanced browsing features include “Suggested for you” and “Available Tasks”. The former filter tasks according to the previous task history and the latter hide already assigned Tasks.

#6. My Tasks

Taskers manage various completed tasks & pending tasks here. They get notified about new task requests and taskers can make an offer instantly.

Taskers monitor the previously assigned tasks and complete them accordingly. They can review the completed tasks and get filtered tasks too.

#7. Manage schedules

Scheduling tool help taskers to reschedule any appointment which they were not able to complete at the said time by posters. If the time that is rescheduled by the Tasker inconvenient for the poster , he or she can schedule it again or the task get completely cancelled completely.

#8. Subcontracting

This is a devoted feature for taskers when the task is done by someone other than the tasker. This is only done if both the taskers and posters have an explicit agreement. Doing such a subcontract without the poster’s permission is against Airtasker community guidelines. The substitute person must have an Airtasker account and credible for posters.

#9. Safety Checklists

Airtasker expects the utmost safety for every tasker. Thus every tasker needs to prepare once they get a task. Some of the tasks need special skills or licenses. So, in such tasks, the taskers shall be very confident and ready to do that without any injuries. Airtasker has included safe work tips for every task categories.

#10. Star Ratings & Completion rate

Star rating is a score out of 5 given for taskers based on their previous tasks. While the completion rate is an indicator of reliability and implies on the completed tasks and their performances throughout. This completion rate is issued after about five tasks and this will determine the number of posters choosing you and the price they offer.

#11. In-app Messaging

The in-app messaging feature is very helpful for Taskers. They can avoid any type of confusion regarding their assigned tasks and if, they can instantly interact with the poster.

Such a feature allows posters and Taskers to speak freely and accomplish things so easily. They can further assign and complete tasks together in the future.

#12. Payments History

Taskers receive and manage their earnings in the app itself. They can view every payment along with the date, time, and a detailed summary.

After receiving each payment, taskers can view their account balance and can check all payments done via cards or other payment methods.

#13. Instant Claims

This feature follows a pattern that helps both posters and taskers to get things done faster and easier. Once a tasker claims a task, it is assigned to them in no time. That is, taskers can get every single detail about the task, and thus they can make an accurate offer for the tasks they do.

Some posters give vague descriptions or even underprice the tasks, instant claim act as an effective solution for such errors in between.

#14. Afterpay

Afterpay is an exclusive Airtasker feature for taskers. They can add an afterpay option so that posters can complete their payments over four fortnightly installments. It is optional and decided by the tasker. This feature is like a ‘buy now, pay later’ service.

Where posters get their tasks done but can pay through multiple installments. Afterpay badge will be shown on the tasker profile and thus posters can proceed with the tasks. The feature is used for task price upto $1450.

#15. Referral Code

Taskers can invite friends to earn better through Airtasker. For each signup, the tasker gets $10 Airtasker Credit.

#16. Push notifications

The app lets them know about the latest offers and hassle-free response with fewer taps. The recent addition of tasks, new posters, and more automatically reach taskers via push notifications.

#17. Insurance Policy

Being a Tasker in Airtasker is so secure that they are covered on liability to third parties for any damage or personal injury during their work course. Frequent cancellations or rescheduling can affect the policy procedures of Taskers.


Admin Panel features

#1. Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard helps in managing the services of the Taskers and Posters. It also allows admins to organize everything right on the app including the in-app messaging feature.

#2. Poster Management

Admins are responsible for the app performance and posters could post their tasks, get offers in minimum time and tasks get done easily. Being the target audience, their engagement, and queries are also overseen by the admins themselves.

#3. Tasker Management

Taskers get updates on thousand of tasks per day. It is essential to verify their app activities and performance in task completion. Every aspect of the Tasker is monitored by a dedicated module by the Administrator.

#4. Task Management

The sole service of Airtasker is organizing various tasks in the app for both the Posters and Taskers. It is important that the tasks are updated accurately and every task is to be verified by the administrator for its authenticity and availability. Incorrect services can lead to lesser retention of customers.

#5. Category & Sub-category Managaement

It is very clear about Airtasker that offers numerous tasks for you in real-time. Admins take care of posters and taskers to know about the newer task categories and upgrade their skills related to them.

It also helps posters to find out the exact tasks they have to get accomplished through organized categories and subcategories. A single task category can include any number of subcategories which is well arranged in the app itself.

Admins frequently check the available tasks, their type, and any queries regarding the category throughout.

#6. Top-Rated Task Management

Tasks that are most popular and essential for posters is considered as top rated. These are the best services offered at affordable prices that are accomplished by skillful taskers.

Such top-rated tasks can help posters directly navigate into such tasks and get things done easily.

The app welcomes you by showcasing top-rated taskers whom you can get through simple clicks. Instant booking features let you find the top-rated tasker and tasks at ease.

#7. Popular Instant Booking Management

Instant assigning of tasks helps posters get things done with very less time and posters get a chance to upfront their prices. The app homepage consists of successful instant booking stories where posters can read them and directly apply them to their type of tasks.

Through this feature, you can just set every single factor as you wish including the day, price, and time. Instant booking helps you in getting your tasks done by getting matched with the top-rated Tasker.

#8. Service Tracking

Admins act as the bridge between posters and taskers. The overall management of both sections falls upon the administration panel. Once the poster posts a job, the tasker accepts offers, and things get done. This whole service cycle is watched carefully by the admins for making it error-free.

An efficient service tracking system is much necessary for an on-demand service app. If anything happens in between, there must be a credible support system, controlled by the admin.

#9. Credit Management

Airtasker credits are availed by posters and taskers in-app. If something happens with your posted task or offers, the refund amount is paid back as Airtasker credits. These credits can be used for future job posts. This is efficiently managed by the Admin panel.

#10. Payment management

The administrator manages various payments done via the app platform. He monitors the reaching of payments right to the tasker, giving utmost importance to the poster’s banking details.

Most posters add their credit card details in the app, these details have to be safe and secure throughout the app usage. It is the admin’s responsibility to ensure the reliability of the Posters and taskers about their payment services.

#11. FAQ Management

This is one of the essential services done by Admins. They generate and update general FAQs regarding the app overview and specific FAQs on the unique features of Airtasker. Still, the admins need to update or add FAQs on time so that no new users can miss your app usage.

#12. Contact Us & messaging

A flexible connection with users is essential for every app. This can be ensured by organizing effective customer management and communication system.

The app will adjust and resolve any errors in real-time via calls or in-app messaging itself. Admins can also monitor various communication channels on the app itself.

#13. Ticket Management

Admins monitor a devoted management system that is used to organize any issues related to the app. This can include queries or issues from the internal team and the external members. Such a system can assure your app’s performance and responsiveness among users.

#14. Guideline Management

Guideline refers to the basic rules that apply to the whole organization. It is well managed by Admins. The rules mentioned make the team more focused and produce quality results in the workforce.

Admins can impose measures for people who violate the guideline. They can also add or update points to the guideline.

#15. Terms & Conditions

This is the touchpoint of an app where users have to agree to this for using the app or website. It can include the rules, terms, and guidelines concerning the app that portray the intent of the app. By agreeing to this, the users become a registered user there.

#16. Real-time Analytics and reporting

It is the admin’s responsibility to provide the best app performance and analyze the factors on time. They shall keep track of vital information like the number of Tasks for each category.

Any breach or violation of rules is reported in real-time by the admin. The tasker and task poster must follow the app guidelines and it is monitored by the administration panel.

The admin dashboard contains all the information regarding the service providers, their earnings, the services they took up, the services they declined to, the customers, the repeated customers, their preferred services, the customers who canceled the bookings made, the usage of the coupons, discounts, and gift codes.

#17. Manage commissions

Commissions or the service fee is charged by the app to manage its running costs. On every offer payments, Airtasker charges a fee on the go. This fee is essential as it helps the app to improve its services, technology, and even marketing gradually.

The commission is also reinvested for further encrypted services for payment management, insurance, support services, etc. The range of the service fee can be 10-20%of the task price.

#18. Invoice Generation & Management

The admin generates an invoice for all task bookings via the app platform. This invoice is shared with the tasker after the payment in the user panel on time. It is automatically sent to the user’s email id and phone number too.

#19. Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are essential to hook or entice both potential users and new users. Such programs help in establishing a stronger customer base giving rewards, earn credits, that can be used further for easy services via the app.

#20. Service tracking

Airtasker deploys seamless services for both the posters and taskers. Once the poster posts a task, he can get the details of the tasker and track his journey throughout. The poster gets a notification about the tasker’s starting point and reaching the target destination.

Taskers can send their requirements through the in-app messaging feature. The whole task service can be managed and monitored by the task poster and interact in real-time with the tasker for service completion.

#21. Reviews and Ratings

Posters give out ratings and reviews on Tasker’s services soon after the Task completion. Admins can view this and organize them without any errors. Higher ratings help apps to reach a wider audience & Taskers get more tasks and earnings.

#22. Deactivate Account /Airtasker account limited

Airtasker envisages strict community guidelines that apply to both taskers and posters on the app platform. Members who breach these guidelines might get their account deactivated or account gets limited.

If your account is limited, posters or taskers cannot comment, post jobs, or get assigned. If deactivated, users cannot log in to their account.

#23. Issuing Airtasker Badges

Airtasker badges are of different types and serving differently. There are ID badges for members who are identified as Airtaskers, license badges that assure the taskers have the right professional qualifications and licenses for accomplishing tasks, and Partnership badges which are special campaigns with other companies.

Every badge makes each tasker get more chances for getting tasks and bonuses from posters based on the badges. In Australia, a special caretasker badge is organized for those taskers who are ready to help people affected by bushfires. This shows their responsibility and posters can identify Appropriate taskers.

#24. Backup or Restore Data

Posters, taskers, and admins need to keep track of their activities. So a good backup tool is essential to manage their app usage. These backups help to restore every essential app service.

Airtasker already has an option to print the task for both taskers and posters. It also has incorporated the protection of every service.

#25. Data Security and Safety

Airtasker keeps high priority to your data security and safety. Admins ensure a positive experience for the posters and taskers throughout the app services. Airtasker recommends posters and taskers to follow the community guidelines in their interaction.

It is advised not to reveal any personal information in offers or comments. Payment security is also very much assured by the app through various payment methods.

Technology stack to Create an app like Airtasker

Let’s go through the various technologies that helps to create an innovative app like Airtasker.

Mobile Platform:– Android, iOS

Web Development:- ExpressJS, Rails

Language:- JavaScript, Objective-C ,Node.js, CoffeeScript, Ruby

Servers:- NGINX, Linode, Unicorn

Web Performance:-  Cloudflare

Database:- PostgreSQL, Redis

Cloud Storage:- Linode, Google Drive, Dropbox

Delivery:- Amazon CloudFront, Heroku

Business Tools:- GSuite, Slack, ZenDesk, Skype, Balsamiq

DevOps:- GitHub ,CircleC1,New Relic, Crashlytics, BrowserStack

Real-time Analytics:- Google Analytics

Push Notifications:- Twilio, Sendgrid

Payments:- PayPal

Development Team to Create an App like Airtasker

It is necessary to have a perfect synchronization between both the backend and frontend developers during the whole process of App Development.

An on-demand app like Airtasker is a combined effort of many specialist developers resulting in better insights into the status of the App.

  • Project Manager
  • Team Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Developers
  • Android Developers
  • iOS Developers
  • Quality Analysts
  • Testers

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App Like Airtasker?

Airtasker is a very popular app that makes our lives easier. So how much does it cost to create an app like AirTasker? As we know, the app is easy to use but the features are somewhat complex as it includes several interactions at a time.

It is hard to predict a figure on such an inventive on-demand app. Still, we can draw an approximate cost for the Airtasker clone App:

Basic App $5,000 to $20,000
Complex App $50,000 to $100,000
Sophisticated App solution $2,00,000


Below are some of the major factors that affect the App development cost:

#1. App platform

It is one of the major challenges of App development to make apps appear in diverse platforms. May it is in Android devices, iOS platforms, or even smart gadgets, the costs are so different for each.

Airtasker app is active on both Android and iOS. A cross-platform approach can help you save your costs. This will help in delivering your app faster as a single codebase caters to different platforms.

#2. Location of developers

It is noticeable that the cost of Indian Developers is not the same as that of UK based developers. Thus, while thinking to create an app like Airtasker, you have to determine the location of developers and the cost you allot for them.

Hiring an in-house team will be of less cost and higher while outsourcing. Their cost to create an Airtasker app can also differ under the scope of your project.

Airtasker is an Australian-based company offering its task accomplishment services in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore other than Australia. It is also significant about where you focus to create your Airtasker app appear and who are the users?

#3. Design

As we said above, the cost to create the basic Airtasker app is about $20,000 but the most sophisticated app can go up to $2,00,000. This visible cost difference is to be considered in the initial stages of your app development. If the app needs more specific functionalities, your budget also increases in accordance.

#4. App features

This is the most important factor that adds up your App development cost. The app with very basic features will be of low cost, but if it is of higher complexity and advanced features, the app development cost aggravates more than you expect.

Airtasker app has three app versions as we discussed earlier. These app features are so keenly designed to make the app’s sole purpose of task management at ease for every app version. So, the more features you wish to integrate into your app, the cost you have to spend will also be higher

Monetization Strategies of On-demand apps like Airtasker

Airtasker like apps keeps up every app stage free including the sign-up. So, the major monetization strategy of the app is taking a percentage on every transaction that happens via the app, namely.

If a task poster offers $100 to accept your $100 bid for task completion, a fee of about $15 to $20 is taken by the Airtasker app before it reaches your bank account.

Such on-demand apps sometimes take up a small portion of service fees for the service providers by the customers called Charge processing fee which is an important revenue generation method.

On-demand apps envisage a program similar to that of Uber’s Surge pricing called Peak pricing when Taskers are on high demand especially in festive seasons.

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Airtasker is an all-in-one app that makes any tasks we post to get done in fewer taps. Create an on-demand app like Airtasker will help many people earn themselves through diverse task accomplishment.

on demand app cost

Numerous tasks, ready to work taskers, and people waiting for someone to help them out join in a single app complimenting each other. Benchmark your kind of on-demand app soon.

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