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Pharmacy apps are gaining importance. Considering how product delivery apps have revolutionised consumer goods industries, creating pharmacy apps has tremendous potential. The popular pharmacy app 1mg is undoubtedly proving this point, and makes a strong case to create similar apps.

If you are planning to create an app like 1mg, read on to know more about 1mg app features, app benefits, cost of app development, etc.

How does 1mg like apps benefit ?



  • Avoid constant travel to and from medical stores amid the pandemic situation.
  • Customers can engage in free shipping, discounts, and offers here.
  • Instantly upload pictures of prescriptions and get clear details of the medicines.
  • Timely reminders about the medicines.
  • Adults and senior citizens can select the right medicines on the app or website easily.
  • Easily find the right medical store to get your medicines.
  • Safe and secure consultations from home
  • One-stop solution for medicines, health, and wellness Products.
  • Book lab tests from home & get online reports.

Pharmacy Stores

  • Get a reliable long-term customer base with an effective online presence.
  • Widen the services to newer geographical locations.
  • Inventory Management(Add or Update new medicines, In Stock, and out of stock medicines).
  • Keep eyes on expiry dates and such inventory details digitally.
  • More flexible and superior level of marketing medicines.
  • Repeated and regular orders from potential customers.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends.

Typical Features to Create an Online Medicine Delivery app like 1mg

An online medicine delivery app is a solid substitute for the regular pharma purchase of the users. So, it must be composed of flexible and easy-to-use features for sure. 1mg like apps partner with local pharmacies and distribute medicines according to customer needs.

1mg app features

Online pharmacy apps serve convenient medicine delivery and consultation booking services for users. There are three app versions for such an app

  • User panel
  • Medicinal Service Provider Panel
  • Admin Panel

User Panel features

#1. Registration

Registration is the initial step to start every app. Here, users can register using a mobile number, email id, or via social media profiles. This is followed by an OTP confirmation send to the email or mobile number. 1mg offers corporate signup devoted to individual firms to use 1mg products.

#2. Quick search

Users can search for medicines and health products easily in the quick search bar. Any keyword or company name of the medicines gauge most related products for you.

#3. Trending products

Once you select the search button, you can find out the trending products that are frequently ordered by users. These trending products help you in easy navigations. Sometimes, you can find out your product in this trending scroll so far.

#4. Search Medicines

There are about thirty plus categories of medicines and many more subcategories too in 1mg. Users can go through each medicine with its elaborate descriptions of dosage, effects, and specifications.

#5. Catalogs and Filters

After selecting the category of medicine you need, there are filter options to make your orders easier and specific. The types of filters include:

  • Categories
  • Brands
  • Discount
  • Product Form
  • Uses

One can sort the product list according to their preference. Sorting options include

  • Relevance
  • Average Customer Rating
  • High to low/Low to high price.
  • Discount

Thus,1mg offers an effortless interface for users with multiple catalogs and filters.

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#6. Book Lab Tests

1mg replaces delayed lab tests with instant booking and online reports after your test. Here, users can search the required tests or labs so that they can get their tests done at the exact time and place. You can read the procedures, precautions, the test included, etc in each test package.

#7. Ask Doctor

An exclusive feature of 1mg is that users can consult India’s best doctors for free. The feature initiates with just a tap on ’Start Consultation’. The rest of the basic procedures are completed by a chatbot. It asks a few questions about the patient and makes the doctor’s diagnosis easier.

#8. Set Reminders

Setting reminders for the medicines is very helpful that you can never miss or skip medicine a day. Users can set the schedule and routine of the medicine so that the app reminds you of the right time. You can find upcoming and missed reminders too.

#9. Browse Health products

Apart from drugs or specific medicines, users can also browse numerous health products of popular brands. It includes electronic health devices, healthy snacks, masks, and other related products.1mg provide cashback offers and discounts on this category gauging more customers.

#10. View Articles

This section deals with the latest happenings in healthcare. Especially, it contains many videos concerning health, wellness, and safety. Amid the pandemic,1mg has produced several videos for public health protection against COVID. You can find many health experts and doctors advise us for a better living.

#11. Upload prescription

Government regulations require a proper prescription for ordering medicines. You can just click a picture of the prescription and upload it instantly.

Some pharmacists can help you in placing an order from hard to read prescriptions.1 mg provides appropriate security for your order and promise only pharmacists will review it.

#12. Cart facility

Users can preview medicines, check their availability, read their descriptions, dosages, side effects, etc. Once after reviewing the medicine, users can add the required medicines to the cart. They could buy medicines when they need to, after saving it in the cart.

#13. View offers

1mg app has a dedicated section to update new offers and discounts to the customers. It can be offered from the pharmacy, payment wallets, specific brands, etc. Customers get notified about the offers on time.

#14. My orders

Customers can view their active orders, past orders, etc here. A detailed order summary helps them in easy re-ordering of medicines.

#15. Manage payments

Here, you can manage various payment methods for medicine purchases. This includes UPI, debit/credit cards, or other linked wallets.

#16. Emergency

1mg includes an ‘emergency’ section where users can immediately call an ambulance or conduct emergency calls in simple taps. This section includes important first aid steps for emergencies.

#17. Refer & Earn

Users earn by referring 1mg to their friends. You invite your friend to 1mg, he gets fifty rupees on the sign up itself. You get fifty on your friend’s first order. Users can share referrals via Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.

#18. Fitness meals

Besides these services, 1mg is popular for advising healthy food habits for users. They prioritize increased health for users that lead to a decrease in the usage of medicines.

#19. Track order

Customers after ordering their medicines can track the order in real-time. Every stage including the packing, dispatching, and delivery is visible here.

#20. Push notifications

Apps deliver push notifications on the latest offers, trending products, or exclusive expert events in the app to the customers frequently.

#21. Rating & Reviews

Customers can check reviews and ratings for accurate product information. They can also add reviews after buying medicines and give ratings on delivery.


Medicinal Service Provider Panel

#1. PRN medications

Medicinal service provider panels list those  ‘pro re nata’ medicines that do not need to be consumed daily but occasionally. It is essential to take care of the user’s medication patterns.

#2. Real-time connection with customers

These service providers engage in frequent communication with patients to keep an eye on the patient’s health conditions. A 24*7 support system concerning pharmacies, patients, and virtual assistants is managed by medicinal service provider Panels.

#3. Tracking medicine stocks

Admins take care of the availability of medicines. Daily medicines need constant checks and re-filling. This is together managed by admins and medicinal service providers.

Patients can enter their remaining number of medicines and service providers have a constant check on this number and re-fill in accordance.

Admin Panel

#1. Register

Like customers, the pharmacists or store owners also need to register in the app. They can register using an email id or social media account.

#2. Customer Management

One of the important functions of admins is making errorless services for the customers. They must be able to manage customer needs and queries on time.

#3. Product Management

Admins are responsible for keeping accurate product details, add/delete products according to availability. They can also check newer products or substitutes for appropriate needs.

#4. Delivery Management

Admins manage product delivery and pharmacies schedule products & delivery per customer needs.

#5. Monitor Reviews & Ratings

Store owners can identify customer queries and feedbacks by frequent monitoring of reviews and ratings.

#6. Information Management

An Admin is responsible for updating details about every product on the website. This includes product details, lab details, store details, etc. Promo codes, offers, and every detail is updated timely. Discounts are also notified to the users and managed by admins.

#7. Prescription Management

It is mandatory to collect proper prescriptions from customers. Admins monitor these prescriptions and help users providing pharmacists to manage hard to read prescriptions.

#8. Payment Management

Users must be able to pay without any queries or doubts. Admins can monitor these payments ensuring that users do not have any issues regarding payment.

Development Team Required to Create 1mg App

Creating an on-demand medicine delivery app needs an effective planning and operational team. There are different types of medicine buyers and the app must be flexible to these diverse customer needs and demands.

Apart from this, the team members have to be aware of the trends and requisites of every age group who are expected to engage with the app.

The pharmacy app you create must comprise numerous features and benefits which is the result of a skillful team that worked on the app for many days. Let’s look at the various key personnel of a development team.

#1. Project Manager

A project manager foresees the success of the app solution and coordinate things accordingly. He/she has amazing management skills which they use in monitoring the project throughout. He must be knowing the developments in each stage and give proper guidance to the subordinates.

#2. App developers

There will be separate developers for Android and iOS apps. These developers are the backbone of the proper functioning of a healthcare app you dream of.

This team of coders works actively on back-end or front-end codes molding the whole app into a full-fledged app solution.

#3. Designers

Interactive User interface is an uncompromised factor in every app. They draw the app’s overall shape and visibility among users. Simple and elegant app design gauge more users into the app.

#4. Testers

Testing is a crucial stage for finalizing the application. Once the app is ready to go live, the testers conduct multiple tests and determine its long-run among customers. Testers can identify any sort of bugs or issues while app deployment.

#5. Doctors or Pharmacists for Timely Assistance

As it is a healthcare app, it is advised to have proper assistance from physicians or doctors to avoid any type of errors in the app.

There are some other team members engaged in medicine delivery app development like Marketing associates, Managers, etc.

Technology Stack to Create an  App like 1mg

For an on-demand medicine delivery app like 1 mg, some robust technologies give life to it. Let’s look at the different technologies applied to this applauding on-demand medicine delivery app solution.

DevOps: Amazon EC2, GitHub

Database: MongoDB

Language: VB.Net, C#

Platform and Storage: Amazon S3, Amazon EC2

Accounting: Crunch, Mint,

Cloud and Storage: Cloudinary, Google Docs, Slack

Business Analytics: Control, CleverTap, Apache Hadoop

Marketing: Google Adwords, Typeform, Ahrefs

Mobile App Metrics: Apptopia

Web Traffic: Semrush

Interest Signals: Bombora

Monetization Models of Medicine Delivery Apps

Commission based model

This is one of the most popular monetization strategies deployed by on-demand medicine delivery apps. The app will give a chance for healthcare providers and pharmaceuticals to establish their online presence via the app, where they can sell their medicines.

You can charge a commission on these companies. This commission could be based on the weekly or daily selling volume of medicines. App owners and physicians decide the commission in advance for the number of units sold daily or a sale basis fixed within themselves.


Advertising is an unavoidable monetization model in any app solution. You can sell your space for various advertisements possible from the app category. This can include ads from:-

  • Pharmacy stores
  • E-wallets
  • Health Insurance policies
  • Hospital chains or Brands
  • Diagnostic companies

Sponsored Listings

These are featured listings that occupy separate space on the search or home page. These are the sponsored product listings from medicine stores or pharmaceuticals. This is another great way to earn revenue from the app.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App Like 1mg ?

An online medicine delivery app has varying development costs according to the requirements. There will be considerable cost difference based on the complexity too.

The UI/UX of the app has to be simple and easy for users. Various parameters including the development hours, feature list by the clients, etc play a major part in development costs.

The location of the development team, their experience, the hourly charges, etc alters the development cost to a great extent. The precise of a medicine delivery app cost can be based primarily on client requirements.

The app platform, number of basic and advanced features, backend technologies, etc also contribute well to the development cost.

The table below shows the approximate cost of building an app on various platforms.

  • Android: 23000$
  • iOS: 28000$
  • Windows: 18000$
  • Hybrid: 25000$

It is recommended to determine the cost concerns in advance and create the 1mg app.

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Medicine delivery apps help patients to live a better life and doctors to interact with patients effortlessly. Such apps enable a smooth long-term connection of pharmacists with doctors and patients.

on demand app cost

The concept of online medicine delivery apps is getting pace and raising their bars amid the pandemic. If you are a medicine distributor or pharmacy owner, it is better to create your own app like 1mg.

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