Google Announces 'VPS' Technology to Solve Key Problems with VR and AR

Google has announced the ‘VPS’ technology, an approach to explore indoor GPS to tackle issues with both virtual reality and augmented reality.

Like GPS, VPS(Visual Positioning Service) is also a mapping innovation that utilizes the process of visual focus on the walk way, end of the room and on other objects to set a limit and ensure free movement indoors.

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Google revealed that it has been working with HTC and Lenovo and is planning to launch their first VR devices based on the Google Daydream technology later this year. The company has also introduced a Google Glass, an AR headset for the smart phones and is also planning to use Qualcomm chips for VR headsets.

Google also demonstrated AR features in the Google expeditions platform for students that uses Tango’s sensors to map classrooms and place 3D visualizations within a space.

Google Announces 'VPS' Technology to Solve Key Problems with VR and AR
According to Clay Bavor, the Standalone VR gadgets utilizes the method of ‘precise tracking’ i.e. the gadgets does not rely upon outside sensors to place, but handle the headsets in the physical world.

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