Fooya: An App for Children to Choose Healthy Food

Fooya is a nutrition based mobile app available in Android and iOS for children to choose a healthier diet in a fun way.

Friendslearn, a US based medical technology company developed Fooya, which helps children in distinguishing healthy food from junk food through a 160-level game.

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In this game, children progress from one level to the other when they choose healthy options such as fruits, dairy products, grains and vegetables. But if they choose food items like soda they tend to lose points, put on weight and find it difficult to move forward.

At the end of each level, a nutritional chart lists the contents of each item consumed during the game for children between age three and 13.

A clinical trial conducted by Baylor College of Medicine, Texas shows that children who played Fooya choose healthier options for their diet.

As obesity is becoming a serious threat, educating children about nutrition is important as they tend to grasp it quickly at this young age and probability of them exercising healthy food options is higher.

The paid mobile app, costing ?600, was launched in India two months ago and clinical trials are going on in this.

The developers of the app are in talk with Doctors, Pharmaceutical Companies, Insurance Companies, Schools and Public Health sectors for taking the application further.

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