features of ios 11

The operating system of iOS is one of the major milestones for Apple devices and its known to be one of the most used software in the world. Along with iOS 11, Apple also welcomes its 3 major editions- iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus & iPhone X.

With the upgraded software version, main changes are seen in Apple’s voice assistant Siri, control panels, App store, camera, keyboard, AR kit etc. The new system comes in with support for all 32-bit apps and devices. Recently, Apple has also pushed into iOS 11.2 with add-on features like Apple Pay cash, faster battery charging, better stability and much more. On the whole, iOS 11 and further updates are a sum-up for all the features and versions that have come before.

There are a lot more new cool features to explore with the new update and here are the 15 exciting features that you may have missed out after the latest software update:

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