Ever noticed how there is always one person more boisterous than everyone else at the office outing? His throat has gone hoarse from shouting and singing all day long, but he doesn’t care. His energy is infectious, so you can’t help but feel encouraged to sing songs that have nothing to do with their original lyrics.

Because, this is somehow more fun.

Now, reconcile to the fact that this guy is your team lead. Stumped?? Well, Chinar Bhandari seems adept at juggling these personas with ease. As for the spectators, it just takes some getting used to.

An alumnus of AISSMS College of Engineering, Chinar has been born and brought up in a diversely well-educated family in Pune. He has a Masters in Computer Engineering and a total industry experience spanning 5.8 years, out of which he has been with Redbytes for a commendable 3.6 years.

chinar bandari

When asked about the difference between working at Redbytes and elsewhere, Chinar is prompt with his answer.

“Challenging Projects”, he states.

“Before Redbytes, when working as a fresher, I mostly worked on POC. Simplistic as it sounds, this strengthened my base and understanding of processes. My first project at Redbytes was Aquasound, an IoT based App for a Home Audio system. I had no experience in hardwired projects, but I did this well.

Then, I went on to do several projects, memorable among them being Kids Express, Mediquick, and most importantly, GoClub, my first project as Lead. GoClub was a vast and complicated project. It involved multiple platforms like iOS, Android and a website too.

We had multiple teams in different physical locations, which required extensive collaboration and co-ordination. To add to this complexity, we had a time constraint. But, we successfully delivered the project in 6 weeks.”

Of course, it helps that he shares an easy rapport with the rest of the team leads. Their comfort with each other perhaps finds its roots in their shared passion for technology.

chinar bandari

At RedBytes, Chinar feels at home.

“In fact, when I come to office it is like going from one home to another. I love the work culture here. It is cool and laidback. The management is great. It doesn’t interfere with the developers or their process. It allows you the freedom to explore and be yourselves. And that freedom is so important when you work. Oh, and the events we hold at office. Quite enjoy those.” He says with a slight smile, “Though there has been a slight slump in that recently.”

So what is his process for development?

“I try to thoroughly understand the requirement first, as well as the product, while making a note of all the challenges involved, the research required, the probable time frames and several other aspects. Then I divide the project into modules. And for every module, I prepare a POC. Then I take it on phase by phase. And test all phases individually.” Sounds simple, but this takes a lot of discipline. And it certainly shows in the final output.

Being a team lead also means getting all team members to be on the same page, despite the weaknesses and strengths of each one of them. This takes more than leading from the front. It involves exploring new trends in technology and constantly updating one’s knowledge, while also teaching and training the team whenever possible or required.

Certainly, not a tall order for Chinar, who enjoys both learning and teaching equally. This is evident in his clarity of thought and process during project discussions with his team or other team leads. ”I believe in sportsmanship as I have been into sports since my schooling days. I have represented Maharashtra in handball”, Chinar reveals.

Possibly, it is this sportsmanship that helps him get through the toughest of professional situations through grit and teamwork; that and a never-give-up attitude. Robert the Bruce would have found a better teacher in Chinar than the famed spider.

chinar bandari

And is he all Mr. Nice Guy?

“I get angry very quickly at times, if something is not happening as per my plan. I am a bit lazy as well”, he admits. Though there is neither a trace of anger nor laziness when its crunch time. Deadlines are followed strictly to deliver efficient and uncompromised builds. “I am currently working on two projects – Shride, an electric bike rental app and an entertainment app”, Chinar informs.

On being quizzed about the future of Mobile App development, Chinar says in a matter-of fact manner, “Nowadays, if there is an idea, it becomes an App. Whether it ever goes on to become a website or not, is another matter. But first and foremost, there will be an app”. Now this is someone who knows the pulse of the market. “Besides, considering the ever increasing number of mobile users, Apps seem unlikely to go out of fashion in near future”, Chinar signs off.

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