How Can Sport Apps Increase User Engagement

Sport apps can increase user engagement in different ways as they serve a variety of user needs such as checking scores, game schedules, latest updates etc.

People spend a lot of time in watching, discussing and considering professional sports like cricket, football, tennis, basketball and much more. Sport is like a religion for many people. This results in the development of different sports apps.

Sports apps provide all necessary features and information about games, leagues and players.

Now, let us see how sports apps can increase user engagement.

•  Offer relevant push notifications

Push notifications contains some sort of media files that can be a GIF, picture, video, audio or any text updates.

Depending on user interest, they can select type of push notifications they want. Therefore, app delivers relevant notifications and real time information. Users can get latest scores, stories, and big moments of their favourite sport in real time through such notifications.

This can drive more traffic and attract user attention to use the app again and again.

•  Location based mobile service

In this service, GPS or RFID is used to track the location of the user’s mobile in specific area. When a user enters certain geographic areas like stadiums or sports events they get notified about inside activities like autograph signing, personal interviews of players, weather report for the day, game statistics and many more. This helps users to know every ongoing activity in the event with its location. Fans get assured of not missing anything they like.

•  Connect users with real-time content 24×7

Sports app allow fans to share information, comment and also interact with other users. Through apps, they stay updated, informed and connected with news and blogs about their favourite sport and players. Partnerships of apps with broadcasting networks are helping in providing real-time content at every stage of the game to improve the fan experience. Scores, video highlights and expert analysis can be provided to increase user engagement towards sport apps.

•  E-sports gaming

E-Sports is electronic sports an organized competitive gaming played by high level professionals for spectators. E-Sports players around the world play online games with each other same as football or cricket. Such gaming apps have become very popular over the past few years as people are interested in watching professionals play online games. Many apps are present to give up to date information of matches and news regarding e-sports. These apps engage people or fans in their favourite e-sport and provide a platform for interaction.

•  Offer mobile ticketing to fans

Depending on location and previous searching history of users, app suggests related events or games taking place. Apps have started collaborating online ticketing feature, where fans can book tickets even at the last minute. These are called digital tickets, which are sent online to mobiles. So fans stay in touch with apps to get information about games, events and tickets.

•  Customized news

Some sport apps offer all sports news from different sites without downloading an app each for all sites. Users can search what they want to follow and get all the related content in one go. People who like to gather information on different sports are more likely to engage in these kind of apps.

•  Using virtual reality

Virtual reality is a three dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted. Even if you are watching matches at home, you get the feel of being in the stadium.
Fans can feel the real action and get a better view of the game in high definition from all angles.
This kind of experience encourages fans to engage more in sport apps.

If you are a sports/gaming app owner, these are a few ideas to increase the engagement rate of your app. Feel free to share any more ideas you might have.

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