9 Tools iOS App Development Companies Should Have for Localization

When you consider iOS app development as a business, you need to adapt your app to target a wider market on the app store. The process of localization gains its importance in this respect. But localization is not just about translation of your application’s written content into a foreign language. There is a lot of scope in this field that becomes apparent once you enter it.

The iOS market is some place where you can find the most friendly and versatile app users. Let’s go through the main localization tools that are prevalent among iOS app development companies today.

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1. Babble-on: Babble-on is some place you can trust for getting hand crafted translations, not only to be used for the iOS market, but also for every other market. This place is a community of word nerds who can translate your content into their native languages without altering the essence and meaning of the content. The client list includes the world’s number one dating app Tinder, Skyguide, and Cyanogenmod. They will localize anything from an app description and particular screens to an entire app.

2. OneSky: OneSky is the topmost cloud based localization solution for quality translation at the best price for over 40 languages. On OneSky all professional translation services are priced per word. Small teams can use their platform for free, whereas large teams would have to pay for the localization management system, which depends on the number of collaborators that you opt for. Translation is done for any form of app and website, but game translation is bifurcated from them as it requires a more creative and jargon-centric approach.

3. LocTeam: LocTeam specializes themselves in Mac and iOS localization. Nevertheless, they have also begun to try their luck in the Android space recently. You can approach them for your end-to-end app localization needs as well as your document and book translation requirements.

4. Applingua: Applingua, ‘the friendly app localization agency’ specializes in a wide range of services from app localization and game localization to metadata localization and app store copywriting. They extend their services to all platforms and every language. Their translators are all genuine native speakers. Charged at 0.18 USD per word, there is also on-device testing done to ensure a great user experience.

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5. Mentez: Mentez develops social mobile games and primarily focuses on the Latin American market. They owned four out of the five most popular games on the expired social networking site, Orkut. They also endeavoured into the publishing industry and undertakes app translation, app monetization, and app promotion.

6. ICanLocalize: At ICanLocalize, translation starts at as low as USD 0.09 per word. It is the most cheapest yet accurate translation facility available for setting up your app’s international presence. You can choose from more than 2000 professionally certified translators at IcanLocalize, who would translate for you in 45 languages. ICanLocalizians follow cost-effective app localization technology and methods like Instant Translation, that helps them to reduce the project completion time and also let them keep the cost down to a great extent.

7. Working with independent translators: Even though there is a lot of established professional services available out there, some iOS app development companies may still prefer to work with independent translators to expand into outside app markets due to many reasons. You can find many trusted and experienced translators at popular freelancing platforms such as oDesk and Elance. You can agree upon a pricing model that is suitable for you, whether it is pay per word or pay per hour.

8. Give your foreign friend a chance: If you have global connections, there is nothing wrong in hiring a well known friend, or even a friend-of-friend for your general translation needs. With this approach, speaking your customer’s language will never be easier. Otherwise, you can consider getting their service for proofreading, so that you can have a verified output.

9. Some more online resources: If you can do it yourself, why not try these free online resources that will put your app on the map?

  • The Missing Localization Term Glossary by Babble-on
  • Localisation Guide from Translate House
  • App Localization Tutorial by IcanLocalize
  • Glossaries for iOS from Applingua

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