This United States Golf Association (USGA) Handicap App lets PSC members record every round of golf played to accurately maintain their official USGA Handicap.


Scope of Project

Member appPSC Golf (Android + iOS)                Timeline2.5 Months

Technologies/ Framework UsedSwift, Java, Python, MySQL

Web panelAdmin and Captains


This simple and intuitive Golf Handicap App allows the members to record his /her scores hole by hole. It also lets the player record their gross score and stableford points.

The user can select date and time, course as well as the score type i.e., stablefold, gross or hole by hole and submit scores. The app displays and maintains the handicap of the player.

It also predicts the handicap of the player on the basis of scores submitted by the player.This app will regularly update your Index on a weekly basis. It will also show your Forecast Index between updates.

Feature List:

  • Free to all PSC members
  • Check handicap and courses
  • View profile, favorite golf courses, and last 50 scores
  • Add an away score
  • Request any course to be added
  • Upload or add any image to your profile
  • Verify your score by entering the PSC ID Number of your marker or the name of your marker, handicap group or visitor
  • Enter hole by hole scores
  • Enter your score either as Stableford Points or Adjusted Gross
  • View your teeing H’Cap(Handicap) from any tee on any course in the database
  • View any other member’s H’cap Index
  • Share information on Social Media

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