Redbytes Software’s certifications involve troubleshooting and “creating from scratch”. They use a mixture of objective and subjective evaluation methodologies based on extensive study of skills required for IT professionals unlike previously existing certification options which were more product or technology certification rather than skill certification.

Redbytes Software’s certification is in complete contrast to the previously existing certification options. We measure analytical skills, creativity, knowledge of the subject and ability to learn new concepts promptly. These programs are designed for

* App developers
* Game developers
* Designers

The certifications provide candidates with a detailed analysis of their skills to perform IT related jobs. The certification in app development, for example, tests not only a person’s theoretical knowledge of a programming language, but also the ability to debug problems, design new classes, implement them etc. It also tests understanding of database concepts, database programming and similar things which a developer is expected to know.

Assessment and Certification Services

Redbytes Software offers Assessment and Certification services for IT organizations. The salient features of certification process are:



Applications of the Assessment and Certification Services