Applications – The Attraction Factor

Social networking and mobile phones have been around for a while now, but what is it that has leveraged their popularity up to an addiction level?

The answer is hidden in the comparison between Facebook and earlier social networks; also Smartphones and earlier cell phones. There is one distinct feature that drew the line, Applications.

We develop applications for businesses, individuals, organizations and everyone who has an idea that can work. We offer our services in different kinds of applications such as:

  • Games
  • Entertainment apps
  • News apps
  • Educational and Calculation tools
  • Search Tools
  • Social Networking apps
  • Travel and Navigation
  • And other Utilities

Entertainment Will Win More Customers than Advertisement

An application, interesting in the true sense, takes considerably less time in going viral across the globe. Understanding these facts, businesses whether big or small, have used creative ideas to launch interesting applications for both web and mobile platforms.

Costing less than television advertisements, web and mobile applications can give more projection and recognition to your brand. These apps are not just an advertisement, but a channel to communicate with your customers and get instant feedback on current and up-coming products and services.

If you want the same projection for your business, we are your one-stop solution for both web and mobile application development. The following is the summary of our major Application Development Services.

iPhone Application Development

We specialize in developing iPhone applications that are guaranteed to stand out from the pack. Apple’s iPhone make up for 15%-20% of the Smartphones sold every year. This definitely makes iPhone a great platform to launch your application. However, there are already millions of applications available on this platform, a couple hundreds launched everyday. Only an application truly remarkable can make an impact that you require for your business, and that is exactly the impact we promise you.

iPad Application Development

Apple’s iPad is definitely the next big thing we never saw coming. But it came, we saw and it conquered. It is the gadget that takes entertainment and businesses to a new height. People have gone crazy over it. More than 1 million iPads have been sold since its first launch and a lot more applications are downloaded everyday. With this level of popularity, you can make a huge impact with an application that clicks the right spot. We understand the needs of users and your business and combine our expertise to develop an application that complies with these requirements.


The competition between iOS and Android is neck to neck. Comparing both is just like comparing Windows and Mac. Yet, we have to admit that being open-source, Android is bound to take over the market quickly. And, so will your business with an Android application. With our expertise and experience, we are fully aware of the current trends and demands of Android users. Using this knowledge, we can develop an application that is bound to bag you a lot of popularity and users.