Delivering a consistently engaging experience by adding useful features periodically is important to retain existing customers and attract new users. We help you deliver that experience to your users on a consistent basis.

In our app-flooded market, timely maintenance and support are even more important due to stiff competition.

App Maintenance Engagement Models

Annual Maintenance Contract

Involves support of application, technical, functional and ongoing increments on cloud as well as on mobile.

Part-Time/ Full- Time Contract

Dedicated support staff for all maintenance work which includes app monitory, enhancements and upgrades.

Scope based Maintenance:

According to the scope provided by client, Redbytes deliver support as per the maintenance agreement on a fixed or hourly cost.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Do you want to avoid having to hurry for resources and review quotes when your app is failing? Then, Redbytes AMC is ideal for you. Invest in the package that best suits your requirement and enjoy multiple benefits

Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract

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Features of App Maintenance

Features of App Support


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the cost to maintain an app?

The cost of maintenance depends on the level of support to be provided and the features of the application. It normally varies from 20- 25% (to be spent annually) of the initial development cost of the application.

2. What are benefits of app Maintenance?

The benefits of app maintenance are

  • Obtain the Latest Versions of the Operating Systems
  • Chances Financial Benefits in the Long Run
  • Improvement in Software Libraries

3. Why do I need app maintenance contract?

To ensure that users don’t uninstall the app, the users also need to keep engaged and the application should be free of technical problems or any other issues. Such issues are sorted out during maintenance.

4. What is the process of mobile app maintenance?

The process of app maintenance includes:

  • Analysis of the problem
  • Performance monitoring, management and testing
  • Preventive maintenance and support


5. What is application support services?

Application support is the daily process of operating an application. This includes providing a contact for users and managing the application to achieves its service level objectives.